February 4, 2002

NetIQ Enters Database Management Market with Introduction of NetIQ SQL Management Suite

Designed Specifically with Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrators in Mind, NetIQ's Suite Simplifies the Management and Administration of Microsoft SQL Server Production Database Environments

Press Release


At NetConnect™ 2002, NetIQ's User Conference, NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence solutions, today announced the release of the NetIQ® SQL Management Suite™, designed to significantly ease the management and administration of Microsoft SQL Server production database environments.

The NetIQ SQL Management Suite delivers a single solution to meet the unique needs of SQL Server database administrators tasked with managing production SQL server environments. Until now, administrators wishing to ensure the health and optimum performance of their SQL Server production environments, maintain a uniform SQL Server configuration, rapidly identify and resolve problems, and automate tedious administrative tasks were left to select and integrate multiple vendor solutions.

"We chose AppManager for SQL Server because we needed a management solution that could ensure the 24 x 7 uptime of our mission critical applications and databases," said John Wiersma, desktop/server architect at Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation. "NetIQ's expansion into the database management market with the NetIQ SQL Management Suite will provide companies like ours with the additional confidence that their databases are always available and are working properly."

The NetIQ SQL Management Suite combines three new products with an existing one:

  • AppManager® for SQL Server is NetIQ's proven management offering for SQL Server enabling centralized health management of distributed SQL servers from a central, easy-to-use console.
  • (NEW) RecoveryManager™ for SQL Server is being developed via an OEM relationship with Lumigent. This product will provide comprehensive data recovery capabilities and granular SQL Server transaction log analysis, reducing the time and effort otherwise required to restore the database in the event of a failure or other anomaly.
  • (NEW) ConfigurationManager™ for SQL Server increases availability by ensuring standard configurations are deployed, detects deviations from the standard and, if needed, rapidly analyzes multiple systems to uncover any differences that might be causing performance problems or downtime.
  • (NEW) DiagnosticManager™ for SQL Server will offer database administrators the ability to interactively diagnose and correct problems on servers across the environment. DiagnosticManager will be based on Subquery Innovations' SQL Probe product, which is being acquired by NetIQ.
  • (NEW) SQLCheck™ is available on NetIQ's web site. This no-charge utility provides a diagnostic dashboard for quickly and accurately identifying and correcting key SQL Server production problems.

"NetIQ worked closely with Microsoft and users at large SQL Server installations to ensure we'd offer an unparalleled SQL Server management solution," said Tom Kemp, senior vice president of Products at NetIQ. "The introduction of this suite comes in response to customer demand for a solution that is specifically designed to reduce the workload of SQL Server database administrators."

Microsoft SQL Server is among the most widely deployed database management system on the market. At the SQLPass User Conference in Denver January 29, 2002 Gord Mangione, vice president, SQL Server at Microsoft Corporation revealed that over 1 million SQL Server licenses have been installed. In a 2001 worldwide study of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) market, Gartner Dataquest found that the growth of Microsoft SQL Server licenses increased by 45 percent from 1999 to 2000, faster than the growth of all competing products. According to Gartner Dataquest the projected revenue for all vendors the Windows RDBMS market for the 5-year period 2001-2005 was over 18 billion dollars. Microsoft's share in this market during 2000 rose to 39%.

Availability and Pricing

AppManager for SQL Server and the free SQLCheck download are available today. The entire NetIQ SQL Management Suite will be available within 60 days. Suite pricing will be announced at availability.

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