December 18, 2002

NetIQ Announces WebTrends for BEA Solutions

Provides Actionable Insight into Web Visitor Behavior for Customers of the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems Management, Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today announced two WebTrends® solutions, WebTrends® for BEA WebLogic Server™ and WebTrends® for BEA WebLogic Portal™, designed to enable BEA customers to take advantage of WebTrends Web analytics. BEA customers can now optimize their investments in the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform™ by using the new WebTrends solutions, offered as a software package or hosted service. Both solutions include consulting services for fast and cost-effective implementations of WebTrends for BEA solutions.

WebTrends for BEA WebLogic Server can provide complete translation of BEA parameters — which includes all of the visitor activity data required for Web analysis — and can enable customers to take advantage of the actionable insight derived from WebTrends solutions. BEA WebLogic Server customers can have access to both fast and timely reporting with pre-defined reports, and the ability to answer virtually any Web site-related question with custom reports. In addition, customers can compare trends over time and analyze visitor navigation paths and marketing campaign activity to optimize campaign effectiveness. Business managers and site designers can apply this information to improve the effectiveness of their BEA WebLogic solutions.

WebTrends for BEA WebLogic Portal can help organizations maximize the return on investment for corporate intranets and affiliate extranets built with BEA WebLogic Portal. WebTrends for BEA WebLogic Portal is designed to analyze BEA Behavior Tracking data, containing information about user interaction within the portal. This provides organizations with a complete understanding of customer, employee and partner interaction with their Web portal, and can enable them to optimize customer service and productivity.

"NetIQ has created market-leading WebTrends solutions specifically designed for BEA, so our customers can further optimize effectiveness and improve ROI by measuring the success of their initiatives built on BEA WebLogic," said Eric Stahl, director of product marketing, BEA Systems. "With WebTrends solutions, BEA customers can measure and maximize the value of every visitor interaction on their Web sites, gaining the insight required to accurately measure their Web initiatives."

"Many WebTrends customers have experienced conversion results that far exceed their expectations, such as increases in overall revenue coming from online sales and quadrupled search engine referrals," said Rand Schulman, senior director of WebTrends Product Management at NetIQ. "We have worked closely with BEA to provide those benefits to our mutual customers, as many are demanding tighter integration and support of BEA solutions. In the future, customers of other enterprise platforms can expect similar WebTrends solutions from NetIQ, demonstrating our commitment to providing highly sophisticated Web analytics products for enterprise organizations."


For more information about WebTrends for BEA WebLogic Server and WebTrends for BEA WebLogic Portal, please visit and respectively, or call 888-932-8736.

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