July 8, 2002

NetIQ and Sybari Deliver Comprehensive Antivirus and Content Filtering Management Solution

New NetIQ Performance and Availability Management Module for Antigen Provides Centralized Troubleshooting and Increased Control of Microsoft Exchange Servers

Press Release


NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems Management, Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, and Sybari Software, Inc., the premier developer of Antigen, a comprehensive antivirus, content-filtering, and e-mail security solution for Microsoft Exchange, today announced the general availability of a NetIQ  performance and availability management module for Antigen. The result of collaboration between the two companies, the new NetIQ module provides centralized management and diagnostics of Antigen technology through automated problem detection and correction, resulting in lowered support costs associated with managing antivirus deployments.

"By helping to ensure that Antigen is up to date, properly configured and performing optimally, NetIQ and Sybari can protect customers from the impact of virus attacks and keep their Exchange servers available and operating at peak performance,"said Michael Fodor, director of performance and availability management products for NetIQ.

The NetIQ module for Antigen is designed to work with NetIQ AppManager® and Microsoft Operations Manager-based environments to provide a complete toolset for managing and maintaining the operational integrity of a Microsoft Exchange environment. Features within the module that enable administrators to take a proactive approach to management include:

  • Centralized management of Antigen activities including analysis and troubleshooting of virus incidents, Antigen scan activity, Antigen services and Antigen errors.
  • Centralized updates and deployment of multiple scan engines and configuration settings including Scan Jobs, File Filters, Notifications and Scanner update paths.
  • Quarantine management including the ability to monitor the file count and size of distributed quarantine databases, to generate alerts when threshold size is exceeded and to clear quarantine databases via the central NetIQ console.
  • Manual scan management such as the ability to initiate Antigen manual scan jobs on distributed servers and selected storage groups.

"NetIQ and Sybari are to be commended for working together to develop a quality solution that will enhance the protection of data and mission-critical systems for Exchange users," said Kevin McCuistion, group product manager for Exchange at Microsoft. "This collaboration is a good example of the thriving business ecosystem centered around the Microsoft platform."

"NetIQ's performance and availability management module for Antigen worked as advertised,"said Ed Trautman, senior systems analyst for Merrill Lynch. "This new solution provides a great deal of value for large scale organizations that need to centrally manage their Sybari Antigen implementations. I highly recommend using these solutions in tandem."

"Both NetIQ and Sybari have received customer requests for the ability to centrally manage Antigen from the NetIQ console,"said Tom Buoniello, vice president of product management for Sybari Software, Inc. "We're confident that the benefits associated with integrating our comprehensive e-mail security technology for Exchange with the advanced management capabilities offered by NetIQ will greatly benefit not only our mutual customers today, but all Exchange users in the future."

Pricing and Availability

NetIQ's performance and availability management module for Antigen is now shipping at a cost of $600 per server. For more information, please contact your local NetIQ sales representative or call (888) 323-6768.

About Sybari

Since 1995, Sybari has led the market in providing innovative solutions to groupware-based virus and security threats. Today, over 6 million Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Domino/Notes seats are virus-free as a direct result of Sybari's Antigen technology. Sybari's Antigen is unsurpassed in providing protection of corporate messaging environments. Antigen's unique architecture institutes a preemptive line of defense from viruses and malicious code. Antigen for Microsoft Exchange, Antigen for Sharepoint, and Antigen for Lotus Domino are distributed in more than 50 countries through Sybari's worldwide locations and distribution network. Sybari is headquartered in East Northport, New York with an EMEA headquarters in Madrid, Spain and additional offices in Singapore, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

About NetIQ

Founded in 1995, NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ) is a leading provider of Systems Management, Security Management and Web Analytics solutions. Historically focused on the Windows management market, NetIQ now delivers cross-platform solutions that enhance business performance resulting in higher returns on infrastructure and Web investments. NetIQ products are sold across all continents directly and through a network of authorized NetIQ partners and resellers. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with development and operational personnel in Houston, Texas; Raleigh, N.C.; Bellevue, Wash.; and Portland, Ore. For more information, please visit NetIQ's Web site at www.netiq.com or call (888) 323-6768.

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