July 9, 2002

NetIQ Adds Powerful Real-time Diagnostics and Resolution Product to its SQL Database Management Solution

NetIQ Adds Powerful Real-time Diagnostics and Resolution Product to its SQL Database Management Solution

Press Release


At NetConnect™ 2002,NetIQ's User Conference, NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence solutions, today announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Subquery Innovations, Inc., including its SQLProbe® software line, an industry-recognized real-time diagnostic solution for Microsoft SQL Server environments. NetIQ will enhance and integrate the software into its new SQL Management Suite™, also announced today (please see our Press Release), under the name DiagnosticManager™ for SQL Server. The transaction is expected to close within 30 days.

The product provides database administrators with a graphical display of key diagnostics as well as the ability to drill down to identify the root cause of SQL Server production problems. The product provides a view of real-time SQL Server performance and enables database administrators to compare performance to historical metrics. Working in conjunction with SQL Management Suite's other applications, DiagnosticManager for SQL Server will provide fast problem resolution should a database system failure or performance issue occur. The suite's other applications provide centralized health management, configuration management and recovery management for distributed Microsoft SQL Servers.

"As part of our commitment to provide the leading solution for managing SQL Server production environments, we're excited to be adding DiagnosticManager," said Tom Kemp, senior vice president of Products at NetIQ. "Through the acquisition of Subquery Innovations' SQL Probe, we gain in-depth real-time diagnostic capabilities for Microsoft SQL Server. This product represents a key piece to our complete SQL Management Suite."

DiagnosticManager for SQL Server provides comprehensive drill-down function into all aspects of the operations of the database software. Database administrators can easily review database schema, executing processes and maintenance jobs, memory and processor utilization, replication status, problem locks and more, with corrective tasks available when needed. With this product, database administrators can reduce the time between problem discovery and problem correction, improving overall database availability and reducing downtime.

NetIQ SQL Management Suite

Today NetIQ is significantly expanding its SQL Server management applications with a comprehensive set of products including AppManager® for SQL Server, ConfigurationManager™ for SQL Server, RecoveryManager™ for SQL Server, DiagnosticManager for SQL Server and the free SQLCheck downloadable utility. For complete details and separate announcements distributed today, please see our SQL Management Suite overview.

Pricing and Availability

DiagnosticManager for SQL Server is scheduled to be available within 60 days. Pricing will be announced at availability. NetIQ AppManager for SQL Server and the free SQLCheck download are available today. The entire SQL Management Suite will be available within 60 days. Suite pricing will be announced at availability.

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