February 19, 2002

Marshal Software Partners with McAfee to Deliver Fully Integrated Email and Web Security

MailMarshal and WebMarshal with McAfee Antivirus Now Available.

Press Release


Marshal Software, a leading provider of Content Security solutions announced today that i t has partnered with McAfee, a division of Network Associates (NYSE: NET) to deliver new versions of MailMarshal and WebMarshal that come fully integrated with McAfee's leading anti-virus engine. The new versions are integrated to deliver the best combination of enhanced protection and security for companies that want to manage employee email and web-browsing activities according to business policies.

MailMarshal with McAfee Antivirus and WebMarshal with McAfee Antivirus leverage the high-speed scanning of the McAfee anti-virus engine to scan for viruses transported via employee email and web-page requests.

"McAfee provides a high-performance scanning engine that is now embedded directly into our products for even greater performance," said Steve Bachman, U.S. president of Marshal Software. "The complete solution delivers value while broadening the spectrum of protection in a single product."

According to Michael Callahan, senior director of product marketing for McAfee, "Companies have to ensure protection of their networks at every possible point of entry, and Marshal Software looked to us for comprehensive protection against the latest viruses, Internet worms and malicious code. Combined with our lead in the corporate anti-virus protection space, our partnership with Marshal Software will help protect customers who want to build the best level of defense against malicious threats."

Software updates will be provided to customers automatically through the Marshal Software web site - including updates to the McAfee anti-virus engine and new virus signatures as they occur.

MailMarshal and WebMarshal with McAfee Antivirus deliver comprehensive email and web-browsing security for companies of all sizes. MailMarshal with McAfee Antivirus scans emails and their attachments for viruses, while filtering out offensive or inappropriate text and non-productive emails such as spam. WebMarshal with McAfee Antivirus flexibly controls employee access to non-business-related web sites, also ensuring web downloads are virus-free.

Marshal Software Content Security products are among the fastest-performing in the industry, and are also very easy to set up and use. There are currently more than 2,000 Marshal Software installations in 30 countries.

MailMarshal and WebMarshal with the McAfee anti-virus technology are available now, with licensing from 25 to lOO,OOO+ users. Specific pricing can be obtained from a Marshal Certified Partner. For more information, go to www.marshalsoftware.com.

About Marshal Software
Marshal Software is a developer of Internet Content Security since 1994 with software that monitors and controls electronic data entering and leaving an organization. The company's highly scaleable and easy-to-use products, MailMarshal and WebMarshal, manage employee email and web-browsing, while MailMarshal Secure encrypts outgoing data based on S/MIME and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards.

Marshal Software products help protect against threats to network and information security, workplace liability issues, unnecessary bandwidth consumption and worker non-productivity associated with uncontrolled use of the Internet. U.S. headquarters are located at 3 Dunwoody Park, Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30338; 678-781-5250 (voice); 678-78 1-5251 (fax). On the web, visit www.marshalsoftware.com

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