December 4, 2001

NetIQ's WebTrends Solutions To Deliver Comprehensive Analytics on Oracle9i Application Server

Industry-leading Web Analytics Software to Provide Web Visitor Information for Dynamic Web Sites

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NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence solutions, today announced that its WebTrends web analytics solutions will deliver comprehensive reporting and analysis on Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS), providing organizations with a best-of-breed solution for design, development, and analysis of their websites.

The combination of NetIQ's WebTrends web analytics products with Oracle9i Application Server will deliver a comprehensive solution for any organization building a transactional or dynamic web infrastructure, enabling web designers and developers to build and continually monitor the performance, content and quality of their web sites. These insights will help companies optimize their web visitors' experience, and as a result, derive a stronger ROI from their web and application server investment.

"Businesses today are seeking ways to increase the impact and streamline the costs of their web initiatives," said Tom Kemp, senior vice president of Products at NetIQ Corporation. "We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Oracle to provide our mutual customers with a way to optimize their web infrastructure—with Oracle9iAS for development and deployment of web application and WebTrends solutions for the ongoing analysis and reporting of web visitor activity, providing a complete solution that helps organizations maximize their bottom line."

Oracle9i Application Server is a comprehensive, integrated application server that provides the entire infrastructure and functionality needed to run web applications. NetIQ will support Oracle9i Application Server with two award-winning web analytics solutions, WebTrends Reporting Center and CommerceTrends:

  • WebTrends Reporting Center provides comprehensive, pre-defined reporting of web activity - from site performance to visitor activity and marketing campaign analysis- to multiple decision-makers across mid-market organizations. The result is the ability to make adjustments quickly, creating the best possible web visitor experience.
  • CommerceTrends is WebTrends' most advanced web analytics and reporting solution available today, providing organizations with a complete view of visitor activity on their web site. Offering multiple levels of analytics and reporting tools based on an open and extensible web data warehouse, CommerceTrends enables business managers to measure and maximize their return on investment by measuring user experience, marketing performance, e-commerce activity and customer service programs.

"The combination of NetIQ's WebTrends solutions and Oracle9iAS provides web developers with a complete solution for design, development and ongoing analysis of their websites," said Thomas Kurian, vice president of development for Oracle9i Application Server at Oracle Corporation. "Our mutual customers will benefit from this integrated solution - from pre-defined web activity reporting for the mid-market customer, to advanced analysis with the ability to use sophisticated business intelligence tools for leveraging the Oracle9i platform to make smarter decisions across the enterprise."

About Oracle9i Application Server
Oracle solves the IT challenge of integrating fragmented middleware products to run an e-business by providing one product that can replace more than 12 separate point products from other vendors. Oracle9i Application Server features full J2EE support, built-in enterprise portal software, high-speed caching, business intelligence, rapid application development, application and business integration, Web services and more, all in one package. Oracle's extensive investment in application server research and development has enabled the company to deliver a lightweight J2EE engine and extended caching capabilities that allow companies to save on infrastructure costs by scaling with software instead of hardware.

About NetIQ
NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ) is a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence for all the components of an organization's e-business infrastructure - from back-end servers, networks and directories to front-end web servers and applications. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with development and operational personnel in Houston, Raleigh, N.C., Bellevue, Wash., and Portland, Ore. For more information, please visit NetIQ's Web site at www.netiq.comor call (408) 856-3000. For more information about WebTrends, the e-business intelligence product line from NetIQ, please or call (888) WEBTRENDS.

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