September 25, 2001

NetIQ Ships New Versions of WebTrends Web Analysis Software for Small and Medium Businesses

WebTrends Analysis Series 7.0 Provides Faster Report Generation, Enhanced Usability and a Comprehensive Set of Web Site Analysis and Optimization Tools

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

To better meet the web traffic and site performance analysis needs of small and medium-sized businesses, NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ) today introduced the WebTrends Analysis Series, composed of WebTrends Log Analyzer 7.0, and WebTrends Analysis Suite 7.0, Standard and Advanced Editions (formerly named Professional Suite and Enterprise Suite, respectively).

Small and medium-sized businesses need a comprehensive web analytics tool that helps them understand key data such as what content visitors are looking at, what clickstream paths they are following to reach key information, and which other sites are referring visitors. Such data enables businesses to ensure the highest possible effectiveness, performance and integrity of their web sites. With limited IT resources, such businesses are also looking for comprehensive but user-friendly solutions that are easy to install, run and customize.

"WebTrends Analysis Suite, Advanced Edition is a comprehensive set of tools that helps our designers analyze and optimize the effectiveness of our customers' web sites," said Chris Grant, senior data analyst at Fry Multimedia, Inc., which designs, develops, and manages some of the world's most recognized and visited e-commerce web sites. "The depth and customization available in WebTrends Analysis Suite reports are invaluable in helping us identify and enhance clients' specific site characteristics and information needs, and the easy-to-understand user interface lets us spend our time concentrating on our clients' sites rather than on tweaking our web analytics software."

The WebTrends Analysis Series features a new user interface, faster installation and report generation, more flexible report creation and management, and enhanced "Professor WebTrends" support documentation. The result is improved out-of-the-box usability that enables small business owners, webmasters and IT specialists alike to quickly and easily implement a web analytics solution for their centrally-administered web sites. WebTrends Analysis Series continues to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the powerful reporting for which WebTrends is known, delivering the deepest level of analysis and reporting on web visitor traffic and web site performance. And, with advanced features like link analysis, proxy server analysis, streaming media analysis and monitoring, alerting and recovery, the WebTrends Analysis Series offers the most comprehensive package of web site analysis and optimization tools for the small to mid-size business.

The three products of the WebTrends Analysis Series are tailored to the needs and experience levels of different business sizes and types:

  • WebTrends Log Analyzer is the entry-level package for any small business owner ready to apply insights into visitor behavior to improve overall site performance. Configured for single-server web sites, Log Analyzer produces up to 60 essential reports on web site visitor patterns, referring sites, visitor paths, demographics, and much more.
  • WebTrends Analysis Suite, Standard Edition is a comprehensive site management solution for single-server web sites, building on the Log Analyzer solution with proxy server analysis, link analysis and monitoring, alerting and recovery features that give webmasters the tools to optimize site performance and availability.
  • WebTrends Analysis Suite, Advanced Edition is the industry's most comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses operating multiple web servers, offering the features of the Standard Edition plus streaming media analysis and more powerful alerting, monitoring and recovery features. WebTrends Analysis Suite, dvanced Edition for Lotus Domino is also available.

The WebTrends Analysis Series of products are available for trial download at Pricing begins at $699 for Log Analyzer, $999 for WebTrends Analysis Suite - Standard Edition, and $2495 for WebTrends Analysis Suite, Advanced Edition and Advanced Edition for Lotus Domino.

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