August 6, 2001

NetIQ Expands Web Analytics Reporting Offerings with WebTrends Reporting Center

Enterprise Reporting Server Renamed to WebTrends Reporting Center; Provides Three New Editions Tailored to Fit Customer Needs

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence solutions, today released version 4.0 of its award-winning Enterprise Reporting Server under a new name—WebTrends Reporting Center. WebTrends Reporting Center provides fast and comprehensive analysis of web site activity to multiple decision-makers throughout an organization, improving the effectiveness and return on investment across an organization's e-business initiatives.

WebTrends Reporting Center improves and extends the features of WebTrends' flagship reporting product and includes three new editions—the eBusiness Edition, the Enterprise Edition and the Service Provider Edition—designed to deliver the features and functionality required for customers that range from mid-market businesses to large enterprises and service providers. NetIQ also released today the WebTrends Data Collection Server, providing organizations with client-side data collection for the most accurate and complete view of visitor behavior across geographical areas or multiple domains. NetIQ also made available Data Conduits for Content Management Systems for WebTrends Reporting Center, which integrate web visitor behavioral data with content management systems.

"Customers and analysts have been telling us that mid-market businesses are looking for an advanced web analytics solution, without the expense and manpower required to implement an integrated-data solution," said Tom Kemp, senior vice president of products at NetIQ Corporation. "The three new editions, combined with the Data Collection Server and Conduits for Content Management Systems, demonstrate that we understand the needs of our customers and we are delivering targeted solutions that will increase their return on investment and develop more effective web sites and marketing campaigns."

WebTrends Reporting Center features a browser-based interface and increased scalability. New to all editions is the ability to analyze the effectiveness of streaming media and report on wireless traffic to and from WAP and Palm devices. WebTrends Reporting Center is offered in three editions designed to meet an organization's specific needs:

  • eBusiness Edition provides comprehensive web traffic analysis, including over 250 predefined tables and graphs, as well as streaming media analysis and WAP and Palm traffic reporting.
  • Enterprise Edition includes the functionality of eBusiness Edition, and adds the ability to analyze how marketing campaigns, web site design, and visitors' online shopping behavior are affecting an organization's bottom line. Unique to the Enterprise Edition is the ability to create entirely new custom reports for business and IT managers with reporting needs beyond the pre-defined tables and graphs available with the eBusiness Edition.
  • Service Provider Edition features all the benefits of eBusiness Edition, plus advanced tools that ease the burden of managing and administering the high volume and constantly-changing reporting needs of hosted customers.

Enabling Technologies

WebTrends has also developed enabling technologies as add-ons to WebTrends Reporting Center. These enabling technologies extend the capabilities of WebTrends Reporting Center to address specific pain points for different organizations from enterprises to service providers, such as managing log files and integrating data into content management systems.

  • WebTrends Data Collection Server, an add-on module, enables an organization to use WebTrends Reporting Center without the need to archive, transfer, and manage log files. Through a client-side data collection process, Data Collection Server overcomes the hurdle of managing log files across geographical areas or multiple domains, offering the customer one global data source on their web site activity across their organization.
  • WebTrends Data Conduits for Content Management Systems allow users of WebTrends Reporting Center to gather, analyze and mine the rich data in advanced content management systems by translating encoded information in each web page's URL into the plain text name (and corresponding parameters) of the page or file. NetIQ offers Data Conduits for Broadvision, Macromedia and Vignette.

"WebTrends Reporting Center gives our customer IT managers, webmasters and other executives the ability to see exactly what's working and what's not with their web site content and design, promotions, ad campaigns and other online marketing efforts," said Rick Gable, vice president, content delivery at Digital Island. "That analysis helps customers use our streaming, content delivery, hosting and networking services to deliver what their viewers want, when they want it—which ultimately means a larger number of more satisfied customers, and a better return on Internet investment."

Availability and Pricing

WebTrends Reporting Center, Data Collection Server and Data Conduits for Content Management Systems are all available today. Pricing begins at US$3500 for Microsoft Windows 2000/NT and Red Hat Linux editions; US$5000 for Sun Solaris. For more information about WebTrends Reporting Center, please visit

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