October 15, 2001

NetIQ Announces Availability of WebTrends Firewall Reporting Center

Newest Member of the Firewall Reporting Series Helps Large Enterprises and Service Providers Optimize Network Bandwidth and Prevent Security Breaches in Multi-Firewall Environments

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At the SANs Network Security 2001 Conference, NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence solutions, today announced the availability of WebTrends Firewall Reporting Center, which is designed to provide large enterprise customers and managed service providers a comprehensive view of events occurring at the firewall and better management of the firewall itself.

Firewall Reporting Center adds greater scalability, cross-platform functionality and remote administration and reporting capabilities for more than 35 leading firewalls, including devices from Check Point, Cisco, Network Associates, NetScreen and Symantec. The new capabilities allow larger businesses to analyze and report on the activity of all their firewalls through one centralized administration console, which runs on a Solaris or Windows-based platform and is accessible from any location via a Web browser-based interface. In addition, managed service providers can make firewall reports available to their clients, proving the quality, value and effectiveness of the service they provide.

"Although firewalls are an integral part of every security perimeter, without an analysis and reporting solution it is impossible to know how effectively bandwidth is being utilized and what security events are occurring at the perimeter of your network," said Tom Kemp, senior vice president of products at NetIQ. "The WebTrends Firewall Reporting Series analyzes the mass of raw log file data your firewalls produce and presents that analysis in powerful and insightful reports, so you can make better decisions about your firewall management. With the addition of Firewall Reporting Center, we are now able to offer these capabilities to the largest and most Internet-intensive enterprises and managed service providers."

Firewall Reporting Center includes these key features that address the needs of large enterprises and managed service providers:

  • Scalability.  Firewall Reporting Center enables multiple servers to analyze hundreds of firewall log files simultaneously while ensuring efficient, balanced server performance. All reports are available through a single, centralized console accessible via a Web browser.
  • Cross-platform functionality.  Firewall Reporting Center runs on Solaris and Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms to fit into the existing infrastructure of managed service providers and large enterprises. The administration and report user interface runs on top of a fully configured Apache Web server that is included with the product.
  • Support for all leading firewalls.  The security environment of many large companies features firewalls, VPNs and routers from a variety of vendors. With native support for many of the largest vendors and more than 20 partners supporting the WebTrends Enhanced Log File (WELF) format, Firewall Reporting Series is the only solution available today that is capable of supporting all of the leading vendors.
  • Browser-based administration and report access.  Firewall Reporting Center can be administered over the network and even over the Internet via Web browser. Report information is stored in a centralized content database and displayed dynamically based on the user's selection from a calendar. Administrators can change report language and templates on the fly by selecting from drop-down menus.
  • Role-based administration.  Firewall Reporting Center allows administrators to assign users and teams with customized permissions. Users can be assigned view-only access to reports, while team administrators can modify configurations relative to their team without affecting, or even seeing, other teams assigned in the system.

"Firewall Reporting Center will allow us to provide our clients with an important value-added service-rich, useful reports about the state of their firewall and Internet traffic and utilization," said Stuart Bradshaw, director of managed security services at Breakwater Security Associates, a network security services firm. "Firewall Reporting Center's role-based administration features will also allow us to let our clients customize their own reports to get exactly the information they need—without affecting other clients or the overall configuration of our security environment. It's an ideal reporting solution for the size, scope and intensity of Internet security operations we face in the managed service provider environment."

The addition of Firewall Reporting Center expands NetIQ's WebTrends Firewall Reporting Series, which also includes Firewall Suite and Firewall Appliance Analyzer. Firewall Suite provides complete reporting for mid-sized businesses using enterprise firewalls and proxy servers in their single-site installation. Firewall Appliance Analyzer provides basic reporting for small businesses using popular firewall appliances. As previously announced, the products of the WebTrends Firewall Reporting Series can operate both as stand-alone solutions and as components of NetIQ's Security Management solution.

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