September 27, 2001

NetIQ Advises Customers to Prepare for Second Potential NIMDA Strike

IT Managers Must Assess, Correct and Patch Any Remaining Vulnerabilities and Update Anti-Virus Software Immediately

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ's Security team has verified the claims that the NIMDA worm includes code for "re-awakening" after 10 days. This additional attack would impact vulnerable systems as early as 1:00 AM Friday EST. Due to the quick response and action by the IT community during the last 10 days since the first NIMDA attack, the potential damage from a new attack should be far less severe.

NetIQ Corporation urges IT managers to continue to minimize the opportunity for damage through diligent, consistent security management practices. "Keep in mind that the vulnerabilities being exploited by this worm are relatively old issues," said Scott Hollis, director Security Products at NetIQ. "In addition to implementing solid products, it takes discipline to maintain the security of your environment and as we are witnessing by the recent and frequent attacks, this is an on-going process."

It is not too late to address this NIMDA "re-awakening." The most likely method of attack is via an email with a ".exe" attachment. For more information on how NIMDA works and exactly what you need to do to address the current threat,

NetIQ Security Management solutions work in concert with other industry leading security products, to provide organizations with comprehensive end-to-end security management.

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