What’s in a name?


By: jasondea

November 8, 2009 12:00 am

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Many years ago when I first started in sales, a friend of mine told me that sales is all about telling a story.

One story that I’ve found myself telling many, many times, but may soon be forgotten, is the story of PlateSpin. More specifically, what exactly is a PlateSpin?

I’ve often been asked what exactly a PlateSpin is. Well the origin of the name was the belief that in a datacetner, administrators and managers have mutliple tasks to manage at all times. With all of these tasks and jobs to manage, working in a modern datacenter was akin to the classic circus act of “spining plates”. So what better name for a datacenter management software company than “PlateSpin”!

I suppose the alternative could have been “Balls in the air”, but that didn’t make for a very good company brand.

Today combined with the products and solutions from Novell, we continue to deliver world class datacenter management products and solutions, for those same datacenters juggling those many spinning plates.

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