With the merger of Novell, NetIQ, and SUSE with Attachmate…… then the merger of The Attachmate Group with Micro Focus…….  Then the Micro Focus acquisition of Serena, well…… we currently have a quite a disjointed customer community running on multiple platforms and it’s quite a mess.logo3

When I talk “community”, it’s the places where you can discuss issues, post blogs, contribute to wikis, ask for and vote on product enhancements, etc.  Where you can participate and contribute (and hopefully learn).  We’ve taken a good, hard look at our various community facets and sites and said “Wow….. We need to do something.

The first thing we decided is that we have to consolidate our various community sites.  That’s a given, but it begs the question of how do we do the consolidation?   Of course we could just pick what we think is best and move forward with it, but wait!  This is YOUR community we’re talking about.   YOU have much more experience with our sites, and community offerings other companies offer.  YOU are the people that will be using the site, so we’d like to hear from you to help give us a direction to move.

SO….Of all the companies you deal with (ours or any other company);

  • Which company’s blogs do you like the best?
  • Which company’s discussion forums do you like the best?
  • Which company’s other collaboration offerings do you like the best?
  • Which aspect of company x’s community do you like?  Do you not like?
  • How do our current offerings compare?
  • WHY ? (on the above)

If you don’t mind, we would REALLY appreciate it if you’d take a moment and give us some input to help us decide how to build our next, hopefully much better consolidation of the Micro Focus customer community.   You can either leavhande comments here on this blog entry or join in the discussion over in our forums *HERE*.

Thank you in advance for your valuable insights and help!


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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.

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  • f1corporation says:

    In February of this year I had a small 5 user customer running SBS 5.1 on a DTK Server that finally quit working after 18 years. Yep, we still have Netware customers up and running with our old vertical market DOS app just fine. I was able to purchase a replacement server from Dell, along with an LSI SAS3041e-r adapter on eBay, and they were good to go. They refuse to leave the system they’ve known for decades.

    Many of our old customers still running that Dos System with 6.5 SBS and Windows 7 along with DOSPRN to print to USB and network printers. In house we have that old program up and running on Windows 10 (32bit) but we refuse to tell any of them to prod them along in finally upgrading to our Windows App, which also runs great on the old Netware Servers but we try not to tell them unless they insist.

    My point is there will be a need for Netware 6.x “stuff” for some time to come and it would be nice if you simply standardized a Netware access point regardless of who owns the company and regardless if anyone updates it very much.

    Eventually we’ll drop support but that is a tough call after we’ve known some of these customers since 1982 when we sold them Intertec Data Systems on CP/M

By: kgroneman
Aug 25, 2016
9:36 am
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