Using Novell ActiveX Controls to Change Attributes with PATH Syntax


By: wschreiber

December 22, 2008 12:12 pm

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A customer used the Novell ActiveX controls to modify attributes.

All was working well until they tried to modify attributes with a “SYN_PATH” syntax, in their case it was a DirXML_Association attribute that they needed to edit.

In some cases, when the attribute value contained commas (“,”), the ActiveX control would reject the change and return “Run-time error ’13′: Type Mismatch”


Since the control uses the comma as delimiter in the structured attribute, it probably is lost when trying to tell what element needs to go where.

The solution may be to set the individual structure fields explicitly – see

Something like:

Dim myAssociation as New NWPath
myAssociation.VolumeName = "NDS:\\TEST\test\services\DriverSet3-5\SQL"
myAssociation.Path = "USERID=542,table=USERS,schema=DBO"
myAssociation.NameSpaceType = 1
entry.SetFieldValue "dirxml-associations", myAssociation
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