Federal Government

On February 9, President Obama published “Protecting U.S. Innovation from Cyberthreats” in The Wall Street Journal. The article outlined the cyber-focused portion of the federal budget proposal, which includes a new national plan giving $3 billion to kick-start an overhaul of the federal computer systems. According to the article, Obama’s new Cybersecurity National Action Plan…

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Michael Angelo
Feb 24, 2016
8:17 am

The rise of mobility in the workplace is prompting government agencies to investigate using multi-factor authentication for access to applications while maintaining compliance to Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12). Issued in 2004, this directive mandates common identification standards for federal employees and contractors. Among other security measures, HSPD 12 resulted in the use…

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David Shephard
Jun 11, 2015
7:13 am
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