Simplicity of a Name – in the Name of Progress!

Novell Operations Center is creating a buzz out there already! Thank you for all the questions and comments on the blog post earlier this week regarding the name updates. Let me answer some of those questions and provide some insight.

First, thanks to all you Tweeters for your questions and Tweets: @skip7547, @ITinAction, @dguittierrez,@hcaligari, @dmcclure, @theStiley, @jasonstamper and many others.

Why change? Why change now? What’s with the name? Where’s BSM? I’m confused? Answers are simple! The product was acquired by Novell in 2008 from Managed Objects and the catalyst for change. The 3 core things are branding, integrating the Novell portfolio of products and simplifying the dialog regarding what the product does and who uses it. Business Service Management is not a market, not a single tool, but rather a concept to attain, a practice. Operations is the heart of IT and the one responsible for “keeping the lights on” for the business. Novell Operations Center is descriptive and Novell’s product for operations to use to communicate value to the business and so much more.

Did the product change? Not yet! It’s Coming! A fresh face (branding, look and feel) is coming in early 2011! Exciting updates and additions are also planned with the product release, taking our customers to the next level of Service Monitoring, Service Mapping and Service Measuring! The same product we know and love is still there and getting better all the time.

The product provides a view of IT infrastructure in terms of services. The product masks complexity and presents IT simply, aligned to business objectives. Inter-twining the product name with a pseudo market / concept that it supports made it sound hard, complex and unattainble. This was stealing the conversation to evangelize BSM, rather than speaking about the value of the product in solving complex challenges in IT organizations quickly! Simplicity is the simple answer!

I love the dialog, keep it coming! I hope this clears up your questions, drop me an email any time!

Watch the blog for registration details to our upcoming webinar on November 17th!

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