Q. Are there any plans to support AIX workloads in PlateSpin Protect?

A. No, sorry. PlateSpin Protect makes use of VMware ESX for workload protection. AIX is not a supported platform on VMware as it requires a different processor architecture.

Q. Is it possible to use PlateSpin Migrate multiple times for the same workload or is it a one time use licensing model? For example in a DR scenario where we can test a fail over and fail back?

A. Yes, indeed. PlateSpin Migrate licenses are perpetual; a single license can be used to move the same workload as often as required.

Q. Does PlateSpin Protect support VMware vSphere 5.0i (Free Edition) ?

A. Protect and Migrate will get vSphere 5 support in the coming months (early 2012)

As for the free license, we believe that the free license will not work with Protect, just the same as the free licenses for previous versions of ESXi were locked down.

We do call out somewhere, either in the docs, in a kb, or both, that an ESXi license needs to be of a minimum type to function with our products.

Q. Can you send me link to .iso for Dell to HP migration?

We currently have Platespin Portability Suite – Plate Spin Migrate Version 8.1.3 (6987).

We used so far from Dell Server Source to Dell Server Destination and it always worked great.

Now we have new HP Server here and we will be doing Dell Source Server to HP Destination Server. We may have different model of HP but for now I have three servers HP DL380G7 (Serial Number USE138N96Z).

I believe we need separate boot disc compare to what we have for Dell as different drivers or hardware.

A. The ISO can be downloaded here:


Choose the PSTakeControlISO-6994.zip

Q. Does PlateSpin Migrate support migrating NetWare 5 or 6.5 to virtual environments?

A. No. However we do support migrating OES2 to virtual environments.

Q. Is it a feasible scenario to place the Forge at the DR site, and all the block changes of workloads to pass over a simple leased line?

A. Yes, that scenario should work. Please reach out to either one of our reseller partners for some best practices for this type of deployment. Contact sales@novell.com.

Q. How many PlateSpin Migrate P2P can I do in parallel? Do I need to build and license another PlateSpin server?

A. We do not license the PlateSpin servers themselves. Only the usage of the product (per workload) is licensed.

The number of concurrent migrations one is able to perform is highly dependent on the robustness of the hardware and network running the software itself, but we have shown that on modern hardware one instance of PlateSpin Migrate can perform upwards of 40 migrations concurrently.

Q. Hello, could you please let me know if this solution (PlateSpin Migrate) is intrusive (does it require an installation of any software component on the source and/or the target server ?)

A. We do install a service on the workloads being migrated however there is no executable agent installed.

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  • erkansen says:


    I could not find any information about ESX 5.0 support except this article. could you inform me about latest status of ESX 5.0 support?



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Nov 22, 2011
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