PlateSpin Orchestrate: Removing a common fact from the same resources in the Grid at a time

By: battala

January 22, 2009 7:33 am

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There are some facts which are set common across all the resources in the orchestrate. Some are deletable facts and some are not. Some facts like “”, resource.ip etc.

If the user wants to delete facts which are set on some of the resources, instead of going to each resource and say delete, there is an option called “Delete fact from all”.

Consider when a discovery job is run, a fact is set on some of the resources “resource.cpu.vendor” with value “Intel/AMD” etc. If the user wants to remove this fact on the resource, then there is no need to go to each resource and delete it.

Right-click on the resource and select “Delete fact from all”.

When the option is selected, then the similar fact will be deleted from all the Objects of the type.

Suppose if we are deleting the fact on the Physical resource, then “Delete fact from all” will delete the similar fact on all physical resources.

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