Overhauling Service Management – Developing, Operating and Securing Services


By: mhudnall

July 7, 2012 8:08 pm

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Previously I posted, “Why Service Management” discussing the melding of IT and the business for common objectives in managing, measuring and communicating service performance.  The recent Gartner Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit (IOM) also provoked the status quo of IT Operations and Cameron Haight began to challenge and discuss a new term, DevOps, where development and operations are more closely aligned.  The post event Trip Report provides a glimpse into the many thought provoking challenges and discussions of the week.

The evolution of the IT organization as we know it today is underway, with or without IT.  A quote of Cameron’s is, “if IT operations does not change, then we will likely see an acceleration of the business going around us for their information-processing needs.”  Business is already going around IT with as-a-Service options, cloud services, use of their own devices, etc.  I would further expand Cameron’s discussion of DevOps to be inclusive of Security.  How we do business will be how we develop services, how we deploy those services, how we manage the services, how we access services and how we secure the data and information used by these services.  Notice I did not say how we secure or manage the technology, devices or infrastructure.  

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