Olympics, Twitter, iTV – What is Common? HA – High Availability!


By: mhudnall

July 27, 2012 1:09 pm

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I couldn’t resist this opportunity to discuss high availability, speed to root cause, speed to restoration, security and mission critical services. We sit on the eve of the largest single sporting event that comes around only every 4 years and the recent headlines are, “Twitter Down 2012:  Service Out for Users Throughout the World”. I scratched my head wondering how this would look on the London skyline, literally as the London Eye conveys the Sentiment with Twitter as the gauge of status with color and intensity for all to see?

The Olympic folks have great challenges and they differ with each event. You might think that they could create a playbook and just re-use it for each event. This is a prime example of how quickly technology has changed since the last event and how that provides both great opportunity and new challenges for the Olympics IT team. For example, Smartphones were just surfacing in 2008. Data networks were in high use and Social Media sites were gaining in popularity, but streaming video over handheld mobile phones and tablets were just emerging. Fast forward to 2012, now we have and expect real-time, streaming rich content on many devices regardless of where we are, based merely on who we are and our access rights to services we subscribe to.  See the below
Infographic by- GO-Gulf.com Web Design Company on Smartphones, to see what I mean.

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