The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) has announced the winners of its eleventh annual “Ten Best Web Support Sites” competition, a prestigious award that showcases excellence in online service and support. The announcement was made at the Services Industry Summit in Charleston, S.C., at a ceremony on April 22.

The 2008 winners include (in alphabetical order) eight Open Division entries-Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco Systems, Dell, Intuit, Juniper Networks, McAfee, Mentor Graphics, and Novell. In addition, two companies-Articulate and MadCap Software-were named winners in the Small Company Division.

Novell was also named to the ASP’s Web Support Hall of Fame, which honors sites that have been named among the “Ten Best” for at least four years.

The award winners were selected by a panel of judges with expertise in Web support design and implementation, using a scoring system based on 25 separate performance criteria. The evaluation process covers the following areas:

  • Overall usability, design, and navigation
  • Knowledgebase and search implementation
  • Interactive features
  • Customer experience
  • The major site development challenge

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  • jamestaylor says:

    The criteria for the award doesn’t seem to include whether it meets the target audience’s needs.
    I would have assumed being able to find information quickly and easily would have been a prime factor.
    It has gotten so bad that I have to use Google to search for information on Novell’s support site.

  • hnewman says:

    I’m pleased to see that Novell has gotten this award and hall-of-fame recognition for being in the top 10 for several years. BUT, I also have to assume that the award applies to the site BEFORE the recent reorganization. The last set of changes have resulted in my resorting to Google with a parameter to find what I need on Novell’s support site. This is a sad commentary, since I have been championing Novell’s support site as one of the best in the industry for nearly 15 years. I would be surprised if the site makes the top 10 next year …

  • pragmaticpete says:

    Novells Knowledgebase has always been outstanding and, above all, relevant and informative.

    Having taken to SLED, which is brilliant by the way, I am now struggling to find anything of relevance.

    Try searching for “sled integration oes2 netware”.
    Not once, but once for every category.

    I once found out some relevant info in the docs and then tested the search engine with some copied expressions – IT FAILED!

    Like “jamestaylor” I ‘Google’ many other, major corporate, sites. Now that some ‘considerate soul’ in marketing has rendered the support site useless, we have no other recourse.
    It doesn’t work very well though as Google is pre-primed due to the demand that UNPROFESSIONAL SITES generate.

    Just revert to THE AWARD WINNING SITE and fire the individual who thought that going from hero to zero would be good.

    Your opposition should be paying him a multiple of what you are.

  • pantuner says:

    I’m relieved to see that my inability to find any information on Novell’s site does not stem entirely from the fact that I’m new to the Novell arena; it’s at least comforting (if not helpful) to know that others are also struggling to find answers.

    I dread needing to find any solutions on this site. I too have resorted to google (although I don’t limit it to the Novell site), and to a large extent scavenging through other sites before I finally give in and see what Novell offered up.

    It may have been better before, I don’t know, but right now it blows.

  • imc says:

    I think there are two issues. First, this site redesign serves no purpose at all. It’s worse than cisco’s website now, and that’s pretty damning. I’m curious as to what drove the decision to “fix” what wasn’t broken.

    The other issue, and a far greater issue, is what seems to be a slowdown in TID generation. I can only guess that this is due to the continued outsourcing of support seeing as the support staff were the ones writing the TIDs. I’m assuming the offshore support staff do not write TIDs for whatever reasons.

By: ssalgy
Apr 24, 2008
2:50 pm
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