Novell will not be holding the annual BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City, Utah that was scheduled for March 2009.

Novell has held BrainShare for more than 20 years, and many of our Cool Solutions readers are regular attendees. Many of you have indicated that because of the current economic climate, you are under increasing pressure to reduce travel and other controllable expenses and are hesitant to commit to attending our BrainShare 2009 conference.

If you have already registered, your registration fee will be refunded in full. Registrations that were paid by credit card will be refunded within 1 – 2 business days. If the registration fee was paid using check, money order, wire transfer, or PO, Novell will issue a refund before the end of the calendar year. Check out the FAQ for more info about refunds.

Over the coming months, we will continue to focus on building the high-quality training and enablement offerings you always got at BrainShare. We will do this through online classes, virtual conferences and local tours. These new approaches will allow everyone to participate in our education and training—without incurring the high cost of travel that, at least for now, is an issue for many of you.

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We are as disappointed as anyone. We hate to miss the opportunity to mingle with our Cool Solutions contributors and fans in person. Here’s hoping the economy picks up soon!

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  • rmeijll says:

    IMO (and my customers’ opinion) this is a very poor decision and a very bad signal to any Novell customer, partner, enthousiast or employee.

    Novell BrainShare is the most important Novell event and one of the few occasion where Novell can present themselves in full glory.

    On-line just isn’t an alternative to meeting, sharing and networking with live people. I know: I tried BrainShare on-line and it didn’t meet my expectations at all.

    I think that not having a BrainShare, not even a mini version, is pure self-destruction on the account of Novell. Bad move.

  • rpwalter says:

    The difference between Novell and other companies is/was in my view (from Europe) that Novell was more interested in a good relationship with his customers. With this decision they gave us the wrong signal.
    Now we have again the discussion if we discontinue the solutions build with novell products.

  • dbenjamin says:

    There is nothing like looking the person, that wrote a bit of code, in the eye and asking what were you thinking?! Sometimes they explain that you are trying to get their code to do something that it was not intended to do. Sometimes they look at you and say I never thought of it like that before.

    To bad the customers of Novell and the engineers of Novell will miss out on that interaction. It just is not the same reading and writing emails and posts as talking one on one.

    I understand the current economy but I think like rmeijll said even a “mini” one would have looked better, I.M.O.

  • ecyoung says:

    Maybe if there was more direct Novell particpation in Novell’s own support forums, there wouldn’t be as much dependence on the eye-to-eye meeting of customer to Novell engineer. It sometimes baffles me how much 1st-party participation other software companies have in their support forums, in comparison to Novell. This is *not* to undermine the sysops… they do a wonderful job given this predicament.

  • -Advansys- says:

    The cancellation of BrainShare 2009 is indeed a shock and no-one involved with Novell will be comforted by it.

    For another opportunity for face-to-face networking and information direct from Novell executives, engineers and partners, perhaps consider GWAVACon Las Vegas, 24-27 January 2009.

    Greg Bell

  • kennonk says:

    Hmm maybe I should advise everyone to return their iPods and Powerbooks since Apple is basically going to be a no-show at MacWorld this year. In fact I think IDG just canceled like half of their trade shows for these exact same reasons. I’d rather Novell sit out a year and batten down the hatches and survive the storm for the next year or two than throw caution to the wind and blow millions on a show hardly anyone will show up to and presumably be forced into yet another round of layoffs all just so some die hards can party in SLC for a week. Brainshare has some awesome professional networking and training opportunities yes, but all of that is a moot point if they are not wise with their money right now and end up folding like so many other companies are in the middle of doing. I hope no one was really basing their investment in Novell software on a trade show… A bad precedent? Maybe. Going to make an organization switch to a competing product? Ridiculous.

By: ssalgy
Dec 17, 2008
9:22 am
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