No one likes to think about disasters, or disaster recovery, but it seems every week some new disaster has made the news headlines.  I’m not sure whether there really is more going on in the world these days, or whether that’s a function of our ability to instantly get reports on newsworthy items from around the world.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in the UK published a report last year, “Weathering The Storm – The 2013 Business Continuity Management Survey”, with some interesting findings on the perceptions and realities of disasters and their impact on businesses. In it, they surveyed managers – not just IT managers, but all managers – on what threats they felt would significantly impact costs and revenue, as well as the sources for actual disruptions.

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In our always-on, hyper-connected world, it’s no surprise that loss of IT functions topped the list of threats managers worry about… for the last 6 years running. So much of so many businesses is dependent on technology – NetIQ recently commissioned a study that indicated two thirds of business systems are deemed either business- or mission-critical – that even the smallest outages are damaging, significant outages are crippling, and long-term outages can mean the end of the business.

What’s comforting is that the loss of IT functions isn’t at the top of the list of actual experienced disruptions. To be fair, it’s not far off the top (it’s third), and loss of IT was number 1 for both 2008 and 2009. But two other factors (extreme weather and loss of people due to illness) were rated higher in recent years. While the survey doesn’t delve into causes, perhaps that’s an indication that better mobile technology is making those issues less catastrophic. It used to be “working remotely” meant having a phone and a copy of Microsoft Office. These days, working remotely can include having the office phone line forwarded seamlessly to a cell phone, and secure access to corporate servers and resources.

But those corporate servers and resources still have to be available, and up & running in many cases pretty much 24×7. They drive the business, and are the number one manager-reported threat to revenue and costs. If you’re concerned about the availability of your business servers, and want to know more about an affordable way to increase up-time and get back to business faster after an outage, check out the Disaster Recovery solutions from NetIQ.

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