Improve Engagement with External Users with SSO

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View the “Delivering SSO to Your B2B/B2C Users” webinar on-demand now.

Can you really “have” your cake and “eat” it too? I mean I have cake; I certainly can eat it. Simple, right? Not always. This phrase has created confusion for many years. In the very most literal form of the phrase, you can’t really retain your cake once it has been eaten. But are there moments when we can truly get two good things at the same time?

Single Sign-On: The Icing on the Cake

Say I am an IT manager that has to offer “secure” and “convenient” access to external users. These words seem to be contradictory because one typically does not lead to another. But with NetIQ Access Manager, you can enable secure (the cake) and convenient (the eating) access by offering single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to your external users.

Whether they’re customers or partners, providing external users with the ability to sign in only once to access applications, customer info, and other important resources can improve the following:

  • Collaboration with partners
  • Customer relations
  • User password practices
  • And more

On-demand SSO Webinar: A Sweet Treat

Want to learn more about how Access Manager and its SSO capabilities can be a sweet treat for external users and IT? Then check out Kent Purdy with Micro Focus and Brent Kynaston with TriVir present the webinar, “Delivering Single Sign-On to your B2B/B2C Users”.

You’ll learn:

  • How businesses are doing more with their partners through SSO
  • What customers expect from you, including SSO access from mobile devices to SaaS services
  • The best approach to securing external users
  • How other organizations solved similar challenges

And, if you want coffee with your cake, be one of the first 15 to tweet me (@RachelWaltrs) your best “have your cake and eat it” IT analogy and I’ll give you a $10 gourmet coffee card (one card per person to the first 15 tweets only).

Even though “convenience” and “security” aren’t two words you naturally think go together, SSO from Access Manager lets you have your cake and eat it too.

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Sep 9, 2016
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