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Like the title says, I’m a control freak—a true, blue, self-professed “control freak”. Whether its work, home, or play, I need to feel in charge of what I’m doing in all situations. I’m a working mom that thrives on multi-tasking. I clean before the cleaning service comes; I dictate way too many things to my kids (did you brush your teeth, did you shower, did you do your homework, better yet do, do, do these things and stop making me ask) and I like to share MY ideas with everyone. But is that so bad?

I decided to dive into the term control freak and truly understand what it means. What I found is that the term is not always derogatory; it’s descriptive. Actually, most people can turn into a control freak under the right circumstance—if you let your “control needs” get the better of you! With that new info, I like to think of myself as a “control fanatic”.

Are you in the driver seat with Access Provisioning?

Now let’s talk access provisioning. I was feeling some major anxiety, back to my control-freak tendencies, when reading about the lack of control so many businesses face when it comes to access. Micro Focus recently commissioned a survey by the Ponemon Institute, which brought some serious concerns to light. Concerns that sent my control freak tendencies into overdrive.

Here are just a few quick stats from the survey to give you a peek into the current state of access provisioning:

  • 58% of respondents believe that users have more access than their jobs require
  • 45% say that they can’t keep pace with the number of access change requests
  • 64% recognize that employees are frustrated with the current access management process

Need I say more, check out additional stats in our “Who’s really in Control” infographic.

Who is pulling the Access Provisioning strings at your company?

Fractured management of access doesn’t help the lack of control. The Ponemon Institute survey also uncovered that the IT operations and information security folks authorize end user access to information resources. But the line of business managers grant access to applications. Is one hand talking to the other? To complicate things more, application owners provide access to cloud applications in some organizations. Check out the full report, Trends in Identity Governance & Access Management.

Find solutions that put Access Provisioning back in your hands

So what do you do about the lack of control for access provisioning?

  1. You can join Larry Ponemon, from the Ponemon Institute, and Geoff Webb, from Micro Focus, as they dive deeper into this study and recommend solutions by viewing this on-demand webinar now.
  2. You can read the full Ponemon Institute survey and discover potential solutions to the lack of control in access provisioning and other challenges facing identity governance and access management.

Remember, there is a little control freak in all of us, which is okay some times. When it comes to Access Provisioning, a lot of control goes a long way.

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