The Holidays are here and one of my all-time favorite traditions is catching up on my all-time favorite holiday movies. AND my ALL-TIME FAVORITE holiday movie is Elf.

Buddy’s trip from the North Pole workshop down to New York City and his adventures there had me thinking about my every day grind. The day in and day out activities that make up my year. Are there some “buddy-ism’s” that apply to me? As I thought about this, without a doubt, my most used Buddy-quote is “Son-of-a-Nutcracker”. Definitely my go-to when dealing with road rage—all year long—certainly not saved for holiday use only.

So, to lighten things up during this busy season, I wanted to apply some Elf quotes to the world of identity, access, and security. Check out my “Top 5” below:

  1. “There’s room for everyone on the nice list!”

If you work in IT security, there are times when you think your users don’t deserve to be on the “nice list”. And the old school attitude is that IT managers are the gatekeepers—the ones who say “no” instead of “yes.” So why is it that even when you say no—for very good security reasons—users still find away around you?

To meet this challenge, IT security has to enable convenient access while vigilantly monitoring user activity to reduce risk. Basically, you put everyone on the “nice list” and give them access, but you check your list twice to make sure that access isn’t abused.

Find out how to manage the balancing act of convenience and security in this flyer.

  1. “You sit on a throne of lies!”

In the age of the Internet, it’s easy for people to create false identities. I mean, there’s a whole TV show about catfishing. Many cyber attackers also “sit on a throne of lies” by stealing legitimate user credentials and illicitly access or leak data.

Using solutions that employ risk-based authentication can help reduce the damage attackers with stolen credentials can cause.

Don’t be fooled by a throne of lies; learn more about risk-based authentication.

  1. “I’m a cotton headed ninny muggins!”

Hmmm, I’m sure you might want to call your business users cotton headed ninny muggings (or probably something worse) when their IT security practices are lacking.

Poor password practices, opening suspicious emails, and carelessly connecting unapproved cloud-based apps to your organization’s networks are a few IT security no-nos, yet users still do them. Most of the time, they just don’t know any better. So educating your users can make a big difference. Help them reduce risk by teaching them about common threats and vulnerabilities.

You can also invest in solutions that make their lives a little easier without compromising security, like single sign-on (SSO) access solutions. Watch a short video about the benefits of SSO.

  1. “He’s an angry elf”

Your boss might be an angry elf too if your organization gets breached. However, your boss might not recognize that privileged users, like executives, can be part of the problem. “Whaling,” a variant of spearphising, targets executives to gain access to sensitive data. Executives might even introduce more risk because they have broader access and are less likely to tolerate the same restriction as standard business users.

Bottom line: Educate executives on IT security best practices to help them avoid being “cotton headed ninny muggins” and consider implementing privileged account management solutions to help lower executive risk. Check out the flyer for NetIQ Privileged Account Management to learn more.

  1. “I’m just smiling. Smiling is my favorite.”

Smiling, Buddy’s favorite activity, is something you’ll be doing too if you know that you’ve done everything you can to keep your organization secure. Knowing that you have the right identity governance tools, educating business users on risks and vulnerabilities, and enabling business users to get the access they need conveniently yet securely will help put a smile on your face this holiday season.

Did I miss any Buddy-isms or other Elf quotes that relate to IT security? If so, Tweet them @RachelWaltrs, or post them here in the comments. And remember this holiday season, “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.” Happy Holidays!

Dec 19, 2016
11:27 am