Migrating V2V existing VMs with minimal downtime using PlateSpin Migrate

By: coolguys

September 15, 2011 12:20 pm

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Q. I have heard that Platespin Convert could V2V a server, do a disk alignment in the process, and with no downtime. Does Migrate still do that? If so, we need to do a one-shot migration of about 200 servers. Is there a licensing model to support that (on VMware ESX 4.x)?

A. Yes, PlateSpin Migrate is able to migrate V2V existing VMs while aligning disk partitions with minimal downtime (downtime incurred would be the time to power on the new VMs).

This use case falls under our usual workload licensing. In this case migrating 200 servers (VMs) would require 200 licenses.

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