Novell is releasing Novell Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition in April. Three new drivers will be included in both the Standard Edition and the Advanced Edition: the Blackboard driver, the Google Apps driver and the RSA SecureID driver. These drivers are free to try for a 90-day trial and can increase the connectivity of your Novell Identity Manager solution.

This article is the first in a series focused on introducing the new Google Apps driver and the supported features.

Google Apps is more than email. It provides organizations with many features such as an online office suite (Google Docs), online chat (Google Talk) and shared web pages (Google Sites). The Novell Identity Manager driver offers synchronization from your identity management system to this cloud-based system.

This driver only requires the Google Apps provisioning API, which is available for all versions of Google Apps except for the free version. The driver utilizes the following APIs from Google: provisioning, shared contacts, profile and email.

The driver supports the following objects:
• User
• Group
• Contact
• Organizational Unit

We will go into depth on which events are supported with each of these object classes in the next article.

The Google Apps driver is a subscriber-only driver that sends events to Google’s APIs in real time. You can also synchronize a password change to Google Apps via the driver. For those not interested in synchronizing the passwords to Google Apps, there are Cool Solutions articles about using Novell Access Manager to provide single sign-on (SSO) via SAML. One reason to synchronize the password to Google Apps is that there are several applications and protocols (such as IMAP and POP) for which SAML cannot provide SSO and therefore require a password to be present.
The driver supports using the Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module and the Role Mapping Administrator for entitlements. The import package has entitlement support for users (account, group membership, and email domain) and organizational units (mirrored placement and entitlement placement).

For organizations with multiple email domains (within the same Google Apps domain), the driver can easily provision them via an entitlement. For example, if you have a primary domain of and a student domain (subdomain) of, you can provision the email account to the correct email domain. Note that it is not currently possible to move an email account between email domains.

The following email settings are also supported with the driver:
• IMAP (on or off)
• POP (on or off)
• Forward (within the Google domain only)
• Label (set default labels)
• SendAs (if using multiple nicknames or domain alias’s)
• Signature (set default email signature)

Recently, Google has added organization support to Google Apps. This enables administrators to turn off different features for users. The driver supports a mirrored configuration (as well as a placement configuration) with supporting moves of users between the organizational units.

Stay tuned for the next part in the series where we take a look at each individual object and the events supported.

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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.

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  • geoffc says:

    Can you talk about how licensing for these three new drivers work?

    You stated they are ‘included’ in IDM4 SE and AE, but will they be part of the base cost, or an additional license cost. I am unclear from your wording.

    • daredl2 says:

      The driver shim will be included on the install DVD’s. The new version of designer will include the packages as well on the pallet. There should be an NPA soon that will discuss the purchase options. The driver will be an additional license cost.

  • SchoellU says:

    its good for any confusing. If i need licenses for this driver, than support should be available, otherwise it must be a free connector. Customers will not be pay for connector without support.

    • daredl2 says:

      Sorry for the confusion. The article refers to support as features that the driver is capable of performing. The dirver is supported by Novell Technical Services and it is available for purchase.

  • SchoellU says:

    is there the opportunity to use this driver with IDM 3.6 too?

By: daredl2
Apr 4, 2011
3:16 pm
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