When the Notes driver renames a Notes user, is there any way I can pass an ‘Alternate Name’ to the Notes rename process?


Try using a subscriber policy to set the Notes destination attribute named [AltCommonName]. This is not a real attribute in the Notes database, but it is interpreted by the driver as a special command to set the Alternate Common Name for an AdminP user rename request. Setting this special attribute alone will not automatically trigger the NotesDriverShim to perform an AdminP user rename request. This attribute must be accompanied by a change in the FirstName, LastName, or MiddleInitial fields (as modify-attr elements), and/or an XML attribute of adminp-rename-user=”true” on the modify element (in addition to appropriate cert-id and cert-password references, etc).

If the NotesDriverShim received a document similar to this:

<nds dtdversion="2.0" ndsversion="8.x">
    <product version="">DirXML</product>
    <contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
    <modify adminp-rename-user="true"
            tell-adminp-process="tell adminp process all"
      <association state="associated">E88C2874C38855A6872570C80068D8B3</association>
      <modify-attr attr-name="[AltCommonName]">
          <value type="string">Wiley2</value>

… then the driver would issue an AdminP rename request that attempted to rename ‘WileCoyote’ with an Alternate name of ‘Wiley2’.

Special attributes interpreted by the NotesDriverShim when renaming a user are:

* [AltCommonName]
* [AltOrgUnit]
* [AltLanguage]
* [OrgUnit]

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