How to remove a driver health config completely from iManager.


By: lhaeger

July 30, 2010 10:25 am

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Ever wanted to remove a driver health configuration completely but found that the “Delete” button on the “driver health configuration” tab in iManager does not do it ? Well, just move to the next tab:

  1. go to the “Driver Manifast” tab on iManager’s driver properties page
  2. tick the checkbox to “Enable XML editing”
  3. delete the <health-config> XML node from the manifest
  4. restart the driver
  5. refresh the driver overview page in iManager

and iManager will not display the traffic lights next to the driver icon anymore.

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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.