When I was younger I played lead guitar in a heavy metal band. I also co-hosted a radio show on a community radio station. I remember how incredibly empowering it was at that time to be able to have an audience for my thoughts and ideas. Music and radio were mediums that allowed me to go from being a consumer of ideas being fed to me, and become the author of my own thoughts.

I look at social media today, and by most measures services like Facebook and Twitter have crossed the chasm. They are pervasive in today’s culture; especially so with today’s youth. These technologies and social media as a category allow everyday people to feel the same feeling my old band and radio show got me: The ability to easily broadcast to the world your own thoughts and the empowering feeling of becoming an active creator of content, versus simply a passive consumer.

On the other hand, as I think about discussions I have with the IT professionals and executives that I’ve come to know, I realize that this empowerment has not arrived in the enterprise. The responsibilities people are tasked with in their professional lives are vastly different than their personal lives. However I think this empowerment of the user is the future of enterprise technology. Collaboration, simple apps, and self service are all ways to transfer more control to end users. I for one think this is fantastic.

I am confident that Novell is one of the few companies who get it. We understand that the way our products can help you as an IT professional is to empower you. To empower you to become an active creator of value on your organization versus a passive consumer bound by legacy IT processes created around rigid systems.
Disaster recovery products like PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Forge free you from the lines of endless commands and hours of overtime that used to be associated with business continuity. PlateSpin Migrate turns the difficult process of migrating a server workload in to a drag and drop. Additionally I encourage you to keep an eye out for some of the upcoming cloud management products we have on the horizon. Our cloud management products once released will truly allow you as users a level of control over your own application and workload usage that has previously never been possible.

The last time I checked a few hundred people usually read my posts, and follow my Twitter feed. I think if we as an industry can take that and translate in to solutions to support businesses we might actually be on to something.

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