Good Grammar – and IDM Rules


By: geoffc

July 5, 2007 3:19 am

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As a Canadian, I find I try to use proper capitalization and punctuation whereever possible.

One place where this is a mistake is when naming an IDM Policy object – or any other object that is stored in eDirectory by its pretty name.

I like to use descriptive names for Policies and Rules, so they are somewhat self-explanatory.

For example:

[ACME] Rule to transform User Disables.


Do not end the policy name (which I like to create as a descriptive sentence) with a period. This will end up trying to create a rule called

[ACME] Rule to transform User Disables..acmedriver.acme

You can see the double period in the object name, which will not work in eDirectory well.

Easy enough to fix – use incorrect punctuation!

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