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February 15, 2012 2:43 pm

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I talked about Nicholas Carr’s Harvard Business Review paper entitled, “IT Doesn’t Matter” in my last post. His paper made some predictions about the evolving role of IT, its commoditization and eventual outsourcing of the commodity functions. Now enter ‘The Cloud’, the service provider du jour explosion, the dependency of business on technology and the fair market with new buying options. IT is no longer a monopoly and the options are endless with easy purchasing plans.

Why are IT organizations becoming increasingly marginalized by business users when they’re getting better and better at delivering quality service with technology for secure and reliable operations? 85%of what IT does is “keep the lights on” or 1 – 2 % of revenue annually. If we keep the lights on, then the services themselves must be up and running, right? The customer experience must be good if the technology is running, right? We don’t really want to know what our level of risk is currently because then someone may want it fixed, what we don’t know won’t hurt us, right?

Today business counts on technology like electricity, they don’t care how it is provided or how it is performing. According to a Gartner and Forbes survey of Board of Directors (BoD), 65% of BoD count on technology to drive competitive advantage for the business. The role of IT is evolving and it is an imperative that IT move from reactive and managing technology to proactive managing services and a broker of services and be able to answer 3 simple questions in real time, 24x7x365:

  • Are we open for business?
  • How are we performing?
  • What is our current risk?
  • Answering these questions requires turning a sea of technical data into actionable, intelligent information in real time. The time has come to make a difference in the business with technology.

    Understanding today’s imperatives and trends will help your IT organization deliver and communicate true business value. These trends are the focus of Bill Keyworth, Editor in Chief of, and my webinar: Getting to Business Value through IT: 2011 Survey Findings on February 29th when we review the results of the the survey for 2011.

    Specifically we’ll be covering: How IT is finding value by connecting with their business; how your maturity and initiatives compare to others; what others are doing to communicate the value delivered by IT and how others are measuring effectiveness – So do join Bill and I then.

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