Eat or be Eaten – IT Transformation Underway


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June 1, 2012 10:56 am

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Let’s end the week with a little tongue in cheek humor. I started the week on a conference call on Monday and as I was looking out the window, a large bird came swooping past my window to land in a tree overlooking my patio. Curiosity of a Scorpion was getting the best of me to figure out what kind of big bird just landed so close. With a handy pair of binoculars I see it is a fairly large owl, that’s kinda cool, but what is it doing. It took a minute or two to discern what exactly it was doing, oh no it’s eating a mouse or rat. This provided my quote of the week, “Eat or be Eaten”.

I posted twice this week, IT and the CIO Fast Forward 5 Years – How Will You Get There? and IT Departments Need to Run Like IT Vendors and it seemed I couldn’t stop finding articles regarding the IT transformation:

On Tuesday the email I had been waiting for finally arrived, Fortune 500 2012 List. Yes, I’m a business geek. This is the same geek transition my IT technologists need to make as well, as I started out as an application developer. The first thing to notice in the list is Exxon is on top and Wal-Mart is #2 this year. I’m still pouring through the magazine, list and researching the companies comparing them to last year’s list, stay tuned for a future post on who the early innovators are for 2012.

Now my slightly morbid start of the week and title for the blog was becoming clearer. It’s not BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, it is Brought Your Own Device – they are already in the enterprise. Business owns more of the IT budget buying decisions; reactionary IT is being cut back, while new IT grows in the business; cloud providers are growing and taking advantage of that increased buying power in the business and selling to the business; it’s not that IT needs to start transforming, the transformation is in full force already – just without IT in many cases.

Read the whole article here, in the NetIQ Qmunity >

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