Starting any project is daunting and Business Service Management as an initiative is often thought of as big, hard and complicated. My personal opinion is that stems from the fact that it cuts horizontally across the data center and does not reside in one sphere of influence. However, as a long time product marketing / product manager I find it can be quite simple. One service at a time, one service team at a time approach rather than boiling the ocean all at once. Let’s start at the top, the service, and work our way down and back up again in a series of posts.

Start at the top, the service(s) and take them one at a time. My usual advice is to pick 2, 1 that is absolutely mission critical to the organization and 1 that is back-office and well known from a configuration and management standpoint. What, select my most critical? Yes, this will have the biggest bang for the buck in making strides with the business with a higher quality of service and fast return. Selecting something you know well insures you know the data is fairly accurate while you learn the process, but likely will not score points with the business.

The first thing to do is identify the services and categorize them – not all services are created equal and thus should not be managed as such. Here’s what I mean,

Business Service Management Create 4 simple classifications:

  • Growth – Services that drive and support revenue growth. New and current services that differentiate your company in the market.
  • Quality – Services that drive quality of the customer experience and customer retention in the market.
  • Productivity – Services that are must have and more inward facing automating and driving efficiencies in the organization.
  • Cost – Services that are must have, not differentiated in the market and must just operate as efficiently as possible.

This is the first in a series of top down, bottom up meet in the middle Business Service Management how to’s on The Hub –

Check out The Hub for the chart and the rest of this discussion and the future parts of this series as well as tools and resources on Business Service Management and creating service value in your organization!

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