Date Conversion Rule for Policy Builder


By: mbluteau

July 18, 2007 5:35 am

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Note: This tip is a follow-up to Martyn Durrant’s Cool Solution Getting the Current Time into the UserApp Flow.

Here is an example on how to convert the date/time from YYYYMMDD12000000+ZONE to eDirectory format (e.g., 1167627600) in Policy Builder, for the date only:

      <if-op-attr name="rbac-delegateStartDateString" op="available"/>
    <do-set-src-attr-value name="rbac-delegateStartDate">
      <arg-value type="string">
        <token-convert-time dest-format="!CTIME" dest-tz="America/New_York" 
src-format="yyyyMMdd" src-tz="America/New_York">
          <token-substring length="8">
          <token-op-attr name="rbac-delegateStartDateString"/>

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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.