Current Courses in Development for PlateSpin and ZENworks

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March 28, 2011 1:26 pm

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From the “What’s New in Course Development” department . . .

I want to talk about two of the courses we currently have in development: Workload Management Administration with PlateSpin Protect (Course 8017) and Upgrading to and Exploring New Features in Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (Course 3113).

We held successful beta classes for both of these courses in the last couple weeks. We deliver beta classes in a variety of ways, depending on what makes the most sense for a given course. Sometimes we hold them at Novell Training Partner location. Other times we have the classes in the Novell training rooms in Provo. Recently we’ve started to hold them online as virtual training. But, no matter how we deliver it, what we do with every beta class is invite customers who represent the target audience so we can validate that the content is at the optimal level of technical complexity. Not too basic but not too advanced.

An important benefit for students, from the target audience, attending a beta class is that there is no charge for the class. All we ask for is lots of useful feedback to help us improve the quality of the content.

In a beta class, we use the same hardware, virtual machines, and printed materials that will be used in a training partner classroom, so all those components get tested together. We want to make sure everything fits and works together as designed. It’s like a dress rehearsal for a play. And the star of the show is the Instructor. We absolutely must have an experienced, qualified Certified Novell Instructor to present the beta version of the materials to the target audience. The CNI gives us the most valuable feedback about how ready the course is to go live to the public.

The right CNI is not only an expert at presenting training materials, but is also an expert in the subject matter. This makes it possible for the instructor to tell us if our stuff is technically accurate and if it flows well in the classroom and if it works well for the audience.

The beta class for Workload Management Administration with PlateSpin Protect (Course 8017) was held in Sydney, Australia the week of March 14th. The Asia/Pacific region seems to have a very high level of interest in PlateSpin Protect right now, so it made sense to hold the beta class closer to where the students live. Setting up the environment for this course is hardware intensive. It requires the use of VMware ESX (or ESXi) servers–one server for every three students. If the final development phase goes well, this course should be available through Novell Training Partners in early May.

The beta class for Upgrading to and Exploring New Features in Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (Course 3113) was held in Provo, UT and online (at the same time) the week of March 21st. The interest in this course was so high we weren’t able to accommodate even half the people who wanted to join us. This course should also be available through Novell Training Partners in early May.

Keep an eye out for these courses around the end of April or first part of May. Announcements will be posted when they go live on our Facebook page at and through our Twitter feed @novell_training.

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