Jarek Gawor’s excellent LDAP Browser/Editor v2.8.2 – though last updated in 2001, still one of the best! Works perfectly with current java version 5 and 6.

All previous download links seem to be broken, so here’s a refresh for all who prefer superfast and minimalistic tools like me.

Here’s the readme:

LDAP Browser/Editor 2.8.2 Release Notes, April 25th, 2001

The LDAP Browser/Editor 2.8.2 is a maintenance release. It contains a number of bug fixes and various improvements described below. It also contains a couple of new features. For a complete list of changes see the changes.txt file included with the distribution.

New Features/Improvements:

1. Multiple windows: Multiple windows/connections can be opened at the same time without starting a separate JVM for each connection.
2. Improved UTF8 support for various functions and operations.
3. For authenticated connections, the password does not need to be stored in the configuration file anymore. The Browser will prompt the user for the password when needed.
4. Improved configuration. Generic and static Browser settings are now pulled and stored in a separate configuration file. See What is file? question for details.
5. PKCS12 support: The CA certificates, and client certificates can now be loaded from the PKCS12 files. The files must have .p12 extension to be loaded in the PKCS12 format. This functionality relies on the JSSE and its support for PKCS12 standard.
6. Partial internationalization: This is an initial effort to internationalize the entire code and translate it into a couple of languages. Right now only a small portion of the code is internationalized and only Polish translation is provided.

Bug Fixes:

1. Backslash characters (‘\’) were not properly escaped in the session files.
2. UTF8 encoded distinguished names were incorrectly encoded/decoded in ldap urls.

Current limitations/bugs:

* LDIF changetypes are not supported.
* No schema integration.
* No VLV/Paged results support.
* Fetch DN only works with ldap v3 servers.
* Various window refresh problems – due to bugs in JVM.

Other Notes:

If running the Browser with JVM 1.3 you might encounter some problems with the JNDI library. JVM 1.3 includes an older version of the JNDI library then the version that is distributed with the Browser. 1.3 will load the older version instead of the Browser version. To force the Browser to load its version of the JNDI library using the ‘lbe’ script pass ‘fix13’ as the first parameter to the script. Examples: on Windows type: lbe.bat fix13 on Unix/Linux type: fix13.

Mac OS X:

The Browser was successfully tested on Mac OS X.

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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.

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  • joakim_ganse says:

    Thanks for providing it here, it really is the best one.

  • corlando says:

    I agree, it’s an excellent program, but I’m having a problem. Has anyone else had any trouble using the LDIF import function?

    I have exported LDIF files, updated some attributes, and attempted to import the updates, but it only ever seems to import the first updated entry. All of the others are ignored.

    Is there some difference in the syntax/format of the LDIF file that gets exported and that required for import?

  • geoffc says:

    Take note that the file is actually tar’ed and GZipped, not just plain ZIP. Not a big deal, unless you are using the default Windows unzipper on a fresh machine.

    • lhaeger says:
      linux:/tmp # tar -tvzf
      gzip: stdin has more than one entry--rest ignored
      tar: This does not look like a tar archive
      tar: Skipping to next header
      tar: Child returned status 2
      tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
      linux:/tmp # unzip -l
        Length     Date   Time    Name
       --------    ----   ----    ----
           1187  07-10-09 11:47   applet.html
           1123  07-18-04 14:00   attributes.config
          10976  04-25-01 16:30   CHANGES.TXT
          28054  04-25-01 16:30   faq.html
              0  07-10-09 11:33   help/
           1123  04-25-01 16:30   help/attributes.config.sample
           3547  04-25-01 16:30   help/general.html
            794  04-25-01 16:30   help/notes.html
           2733  04-25-01 16:30   help/uofmichigan.cfg.sample
          20205  04-25-01 16:30   help/usage.html
            431  07-10-09 11:43   lbe.bat
         342395  04-25-01 16:30   lbe.jar
            485  12-03-03 16:51   lbe.old.bat
            466  04-25-01 16:32
            338  04-25-01 16:32
          13683  02-22-08 12:52   lbecacerts
              0  07-10-09 11:33   lib/
          98496  04-25-01 16:30   lib/jndi.jar
         123717  04-25-01 16:30   lib/ldap.jar
          39138  04-25-01 16:30   lib/ldapbp.jar
          77117  04-25-01 16:30   lib/providerutil.jar
           1681  04-25-01 16:30   LICENSE.ICONS
           2556  04-25-01 16:30   readme.html
           3164  04-25-01 16:30   relnotes.html
              0  07-10-09 11:33   templates/
            299  12-08-05 15:43   templates/appApplication.template
            185  07-31-06 15:45   templates/dNIPDNSRRset.template
            485  04-25-01 16:30   templates/organization.template
            484  04-25-01 16:30   templates/organizationalPerson.template
            502  04-25-01 16:30   templates/organizationalUnit.template
            185  04-25-01 16:30   templates/person.template
            300  07-31-06 15:45   templates/templates.config
            176  07-31-06 15:44   templates/Top.template
       --------                   -------
         776025                   33 files
      • geoffc says:

        So I was on a Windows server with no ZIPPer beyond the built in. The default Windows compressed folders would not open it. Installed 7Zip and it took two passes to extract it (Typical of tar.gz compression).

        Not sure now.

      • lhaeger says:

        Works for me on (German) Win2k3SP2 (did not try on pre-SP2 or Win2k8), maybe just a corrupt download?

  • jallaneza says:

    I just downloaded the ZIP from different browsers and ISPs just to make sure and I am unable to unzip it nor in Windows nor in Linux. Message is always the same:
    root@debian:~# unzip -l
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
    a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
    latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
    the last disk(s) of this archive.
    unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of or, and cannot find .ZIP, period.

    Could you post it again please?.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • geoffc says:

    Alas there is at least one bad bug in this tool, specific to eDirectory that has two affects.

    If you edit an object and add an attribute, it may re-write the values in sasLoginConfigurationKey (actually all the sasLoginConfiguration* attributes) which contain the challenge/response questions, Secret Store data, and Simple Password. This WILL corrupt them.

    This will manifest with strange errors trying to use any of this encrypted data. I forget the error code we saw in User App, but I think it might have been a 618 DS error on the attributes when you try to read or set the Challenge Response questions.

    It also looks like the DirXML-EntitlementRef if present will experience a similar process, in that it will rewrite them, and thus fire your Entitlements processing rules., which is not as bad as the corruption, but annoying.

  • njohnsto58 says:

    I’ve been using this for years – but I’ve lost the “Add Entry” menu. It used to give me a list of item types that can be added to the directory, but now it’s blank.
    Any idea what I’ve done wrong?

  • joer999 says:

    Great, just what I was looking for. Simple and effective. Important for me is the fact that it works instantly from the zip because an installer leaves me with Windows yapping about administrator rights.

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Jul 10, 2009
4:04 am
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