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By: ssalgy

February 5, 2008 2:34 pm

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Here’s a nifty new thing you should try. We’ve just added a Random Image display, so we can see you guys in action. We’d love to see your office, candid shots of you at work, helping your customers, brainstorming with your colleagues, bailing the water out of your flooded server room, etc.

We’d really like to see you with the prizes you’ve earned via Novell Rewards points, so if you’ve won a shirt, let’s see you in it. If you’ve won an iPod, show it off. You get the idea…

NUI Groups, here’s a great opportunity to show how fun it is to be a NUI member. Show us what your events look like. Show us your beautiful city. Give us a glimpse into the world you occupy.

Novell Partners — let us get to know you better. Show us how you provide training, support, and other services. Show us a few of your happy customers.

To share an image, just click Create Content > Image, and follow the instructions. Editors will review for appropriateness (duh), so don’t expect instantaneous publication.

Let’s have a little (visible) fun!

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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.