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I grew up in the trades industry before going to technical college. I transferred the craftman like approach from my previous career to my new career in technology. Architecting dependable and affordable integration solutions for enterprises is a true labour of dedication for me. I've lived in small southern towns to NYC and travel abroad at any opportunity to professionally collaborate, transfer technical expertise and ride motorbikes in foreign places. When assessing technology used by work groups and enterprises alike I endeavor to improve value by optimizing existing services and finding new and innovative ways to use expand existing technology features. My current interest if Linux integration into the Windows enterprise and Identity Management technologies ...

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It many organisations system administrators are called upon to connect our credential rich, web enabled world. Either by default because Apache instances run on servers managed by system administrators, or because Apache administrators lack depth in Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and directory service knowledge. This breed of system administrator is what I refer to…

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Oct 22, 2012
5:17 pm