Hi All

I am starting to blog updates on our work with Apple in Australia and New Zealand.

Apple Australia and Novell have been collaborating on providing information to customer on how to integrate Apple operating systems and directory services with Novell products.

Many customers in Australia have placed demands on Apple to
integrate their Mac OSX operating system, with management, into their existing Novell environments.

Services included in this integration are:

Network Authentication
Access to file services provided by Novell
Access to file services on Mac OSX Server
Access to Groupwise
Access to iPrint
Access to iFolder
A unified uniqueID (uidNumber) set by the OSX Server and copied to eDir

It is preferred that Mac OSX Server is integrated into the Novell environment allowing Mac OSX clients to interact with and receive the full featured environment provided by that server whilst maintaining the same user name and password across systems.

With this in mind Novell and Apple have embarked on a proof of concept project to research and document the “best practice” approach to integration.

Apple’s aim in supporting this project is to achieve seamless, robust integration into Novell’s technologies whilst utilizing the native Mac OSX and OSX Server environments.

Stay Tuned for more updates.

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Disclaimer: As with everything else at NetIQ Cool Solutions, this content is definitely not supported by NetIQ, so Customer Support will not be able to help you if it has any adverse effect on your environment.  It just worked for at least one person, and perhaps it will be useful for you too.  Be sure to test in a non-production environment.

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  • boz says:

    Keep up the great work, I have customers that are really interested in this!

  • ttoepp says:

    We have our OSX Clients bound to eDirectory and to the OSX Server and they authenticated to eDirectory through LDAP. We bind the OSX Servers to eDirectory as well so they don’t have to create local users, they just drag them from eDirectory. We have them mount a shared folder which points to the NetWare Cluster, Teacher’s have their home directory on the OSX Server so they can do Synchronization and we also, for just Teachers, mount a folder for their Blogs and Podcasts to post to the Podcast Server.

    What I would like is a way that eDirectory can store the WGM settings and deliver those to the workstations in the event the OSX Server is down so that they can still be managed!

    • brwilliams says:

      Hi There

      Just had a question on your solution. Is this using the method where you extend the schema of eDirectory. As per:


      We are looking a using native connections via Novell Identity Manager to provision users without the need to modify eDirecotory or the OSX Open Directory. It may also be an option for customers who do not wish to purchase a 3rd party add on product.

      If you are doing it another way I would been keen to hear more about it.


      • ttoepp says:

        Yes we are doing some similar items to what Randy showed there, and Randy was helpful when we first started our own several years ago. We are not using as many of the extensions that Randy uses, the logins are pretty quick and we are also for users able to use Synchronization and some have their home directories on OSX Servers, others are located on a NetWare Cluster.


  • stideswe says:

    That is good news. Third party integration is the way to go to improve Novell’s overall prospects. I doubt whether many third party vendors would have been interested in working with Novell if Novell had not adopted Linux so completely and in such a quick turn around time, so well done to Novell on that front.

    Is anyone taking a serious look at iPhone integration with GroupWise? This is a potential danger to GroupWise given the iPhone’s native ability to hook straight up to an Exchange server. When a whole bunch of senior executives purchase iPhones and realise that they can’t connect them to GroupWise it is really going to put some pressure on us.

    • brwilliams says:

      Yes Novell are looking at options for integrating GroupWise with the iPhone. We have a number of paths we can go down and all are being reviewed right now.

      There are also some third party GroupWise partners who are looking at supporting the iphone and GroupWise.

      I would keep an eye on Dean Lythgoe and Alex Evens blog for updates from the GW team.

  • ddabinett says:

    I came across a product called Kanaka that may help the pain for NetWare houses with Macs. It does also work with OES2 but requires at least one NetWare server.


    • cpsemmens says:

      We used to use Kanaka, but we ditched it after an earlier OSX (.3 to .4 I think) upgrade broke it. We had lots of Macs coming in that we couldn’t integrate and had to migrate to Prosoft to get ourselves running again (that broke in .4 to .5 upgrade).

      The problem is it can take months to get fixes and communications were few regarding progress on fixes during that time. Condrey are not alone in having this problem, see my other comment about ProSoft :)

      Macs are a sizeable part of our desktop real estate, eclipsing our Linux installations by a LONG way. Putting Macs and Linux on an even footing with Windows including ZEN support, would be marvellous and stop the constant “AD can do it” comments we get.

      I shall watch this space for developments with great interest!


  • petefuller says:

    I was able to set up a Mac OSX.4 setup fairly easily here (using LUM Groups) but 10.5 seems to be a different bear.
    I really think an Apple/Novell partnership would be very beneficial to both companies. Apple is weak in the enterprise server realm, but has the largest Unix workstation deployment out there. Novell’s strength is in the server arena, but is new to the desktop OS area. Seems like a win/win to me.
    Some updated schema updates, nice how-tos would be greatly appreciated.

  • colin_pearce says:

    Hi Brett
    Glad to hear that the POC is progressing.

    Even though I am not involved in this area any more I will watch with interest how this progresses.

    Keep up the good work!

  • ProsoftEngineering says:

    Prosoft Engineering has been supporting the Mac on Novell networks for many years now:


    We have many new features in the latest version which is indeed Leopard compatible and we have some new features on the horizon.. We’d love to hear more feedback (feature requests, etc) via our online forms..


    • cpsemmens says:

      Although it works well enough on supported systems, the biggest problem we have experienced in using ProSoft, and this problem is not restricted to yourselves, but to all third parties we have dealt with, is the protracted time taken to modify your products to work with Apples latest versions, your last one took about five months! Too long. Communications were limited too.

      We ditched Kanaka for the very same reasons.
      Each MacOSX upgrade broke something.

      Mac integration is a major headache for us and I am VERY glad to hear that somthing constructive is being done at last to integrate Macs.


  • KeithCraig says:

    Great to hear that there is working going on with better integration between Apple and Novell (even better with the lead coming from DownUnder). Most of our client computers are Mac and the lack of true integration has been a frustration for me. Can’t wait for more news!

  • cleik says:

    We are looking to move our NW6x cluster to OES2 Linux and need an AFP solution. I’m also interested to hear how others are integrating with Identity Manager an Open Directory.

  • gsmith62 says:

    I have heard a rumour that Novell are developing Identity manager to work with the Leopard server.

    1. Is it happening ?
    2. and if so when ?

  • cleik says:

    Any timeline for SP1 other than “later this year”

    Reason I ask is we are tasked with moving everything to Linux in our Novell agreement by the end of the year and if AFP is not available it will prevent us from doing it.

  • atrofimov says:

    How about Mac support in Zenworks, I remember filling in a survey for Novell some months ago re ZCM with questions like “do you really want support for Macs ?”. At the very least supporting imaging on iMacs for Windows partition would be nice .. and yes, providing a solution to integrate eDirectory and OD would be great ( using IDM perhaps to synch objects ).

    • ssutapalli says:

      I heard some analysis/work is going on with ZCM to support Macs too. But I don’t know how far it is feasible for Zenworks team to come up with a solution…….

  • Anonymous says:

    All of this is great, it gets a mac attached to the file servers.
    But then every file the mac touches ends up with the ridiculous “._” file which ends up polluting the entire volume.
    It looks great for the one or two macs, but the hundreds of other users suffer for it.

    Until Apple fix this we will be keeping OSX away from our network servers.

    btw- I have a nice new intel iMac at home and love it – just not bringing it to work any time soon 😉

    • brwilliams says:

      What method are you connecting the OSX workstations to the server, SMB, CIFS or AFP?

      Resource forks will be fixed when AFP is shipped on OES 2 Linux as part of Support Pack 1.

  • anonymous says:

    How could Novell who is going as far as to throw away the best network operating system in the world to embrace Linux, even consider collaborating with the ultimate proprietary fascists of the technological word. I think I’m gonna hurl!

    • Anonymous says:

      Novell has a large installation in Colleges and K12 institutions (although k12 is often neglected). You may not like Apple or the Mac, or consider the Mac not enterprise ready, this does not prevent students or faculty from purchasing and using Macs. And unlike our enterprise counterparts we don’t always have the policy options to enforce a desktop or notebook standard. So while Apple may be the “ultimate proprietary fascists of the technological word,” that does not mean we, in the education space, can ignore them. Nor can Novell continue to pretend that Mac’s don’t exists in their customers networks (from comments by Ron Hovsepian) without the risk of loosing customers. Or for another perspective “Apple has surpassed Dell to become the top-selling provider of notebooks in education with a 39 percent share of the market.” — Tim Cook, Apple COO 10-14-2008.

      Disclosure – I use a Mac and its fine with me that you don’t like them. I also agree that Netware rocks, and is rock solid.

  • Anonymous says:

    We too are suffering the old ‘well AD/ SMS can do this’ syndrome regarding dekstop management and MAC’s! Unfortunately some of the senior management team use iBook’s running OSX….! i continue to re-assure them that this is being investigated (as i was told by Novell support earlier this year) and for the moment they are still listening! However, time is running out and patience is wearing thin! Are Novell ever going to commit OFFICIALLY that they ARE indeed hoping to integrate management of OSX with some outline timescales? As i work for europe’s largest University it would be a travesty to move to a less re-active product but, as i have commented at many forums/ brainstormer sessions….. ‘it is not the Techies Novell need to impress it’s the people who sign the orders/ make the strategic decisions’! As i am typing this we are already in the process of commencing deployment of ZCM10.1.1 to a 12,000 desktop estate, but i am being asked by my stakeholders what are we going to do about MAC’s!

    Please tell me i can point them to a URL and inform them that this is a future enhancement we hope to implement!

  • polo_marquez70 says:

    It would be very nice if Novell Team also take a solution for eDirectory integration with apple clients. Like Kanaka solution (Storage, authentication and more)


  • boz says:


    I’m wondering how the progress with this is?
    Any more news?


  • cpsemmens says:

    We ‘ve had yet another major problem with third party Apple client connectivity rendering our central printing system unuseable for Macs. At last they have admitted the bug and will get around to fixing it sometime, but when…?
    This is jeopardising our entire project (although it shouldn’t). Any advances in this area we would happily (deperately?) grasp at. Even if it is only information for management to show there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    (blah, blah…AD can do this … b lah, blah)

    • geoffc says:

      There was a Secuirty update from Apple a week or three ago that broke iPrint client on the Mac.
      TID 7002662

      Also, there are two workarounds in the TID:
      Workaround 1:
      Novell has identified the cause of the problem and has a beta build of the iPrint Client for Mac. Novell is in the process of testing the client before providing the official release. To obtain a pre-release of the client, email patchfeedback@novell.com with the subject of “Request iPrint Client for Mac”. The client will be sent to you within 1 business day.

      Workaround 2:
      Novell has received reports that applying or reapplying the Mac OS X 10.5.6 Combo Update will also fix the problem. See http://support.apple.com/downloads/Mac_OS_X_10-5-6_Combo_Update for further details. (This link is provided as a courtesy. Novell is not responsible for, and does not endorse in any way, the content of external internet sites.)

      Hope this helps.

      • cpsemmens says:

        Thanks, that fixed another problem we had come across, but our main problem was related to a truncated Mac session name being passed to our GPAS printing system by iPrint. We have received a beta fix in record time (thanks guys!!) but there are still a couple of problems with SLP and contextless login to iron out.

  • brwilliams says:

    An updated to the IDM scripting driver for Linux/Unix now has support for running on OS X .

    See http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=Xt_IId4tmtw~

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