Allowing Perl extensions to access cli methods in other NPUM Modules


By: ashishmrt

August 16, 2011 12:13 pm

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The NPUM Perl interface does not export the functionality to call Client interfaces on other modules. This limits the ability to implement features such as Audit Filtering.

my $result = $ctx->client_request($module, $method, $arg);

The above method has been added to allow Perl extensions to access cli methods in other NPUM Modules

This update provides more flexibility to allow custom modules to be developed to implement features like audit filtering. The attached module can be built and distributed using the standard package manager mechanism. It provides a mechanism to dynamically run a Command Control report when Command Audit events with a risk level of >= 9 occur. The report could be configured to send an email thus enabling alert emails to be sent dynamically when someone runs a command.

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