eDirectory 88 SP3 shipped with a 64-bit version of eDirectory on Linux. eDirectory 884 was also available as 64-bit on the 64-bit OES Linux. 64-bit eDirectory was a cross platform release of 88 SP5.

There were lot of questions for us to explain the benefits of 64-bit eDirectory. We have tried to evaluate the 32-bit & 64-bit eDir in various scenarios. The document at http://www.novell.com/docrep/2009/10/64bit-edirectory-white-paper_Sept2009_en.pdf
should help in this regards.

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  • melvinshaw says:

    This paper is a good start but it would be improved by a more apples to apples comparison of two identical 64 bit SLES11 servers with 16GB of RAM, one running 32 bit edir and the other 64 bit edir.

    It seems that by limiting the 32 bit edir server to a 32 bit OS w/4 GB of RAM, you are not adequately testing one of your main claims that “Caching the database inside of the Novell eDirectory database block cache yields better performance than caching at the file system”. The way the tests are structured (and admittedly so in your Test Methodology section) they seem to be testing the effect of RAM on database performance and less on how block cache performance is better than file system performance.

    I would guess that it is a very common configuration at large eDirectory shops to use a 64 bit OS with greater than 4GB RAM allowing for large file caches. These are probably the same shops that might benefit from a 64 bit edir application. Help convince us!

By: nkamal
Oct 23, 2009
1:27 am
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