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Aegis Workflow 101 – Debug Mode

Welcome to Part 8 and the final topic on Aegis 101. A line had to be drawn as to what would make it into 101 and it ends here with a topic I’ve had a love/hate relationship with since its arrival, but I am now finally (almost) a convert! Debug mode. Simply put, Debug Mode allows…

Salesforce Delegated Authentication with Access Manager

Salesforce supports different types of authentication methods, these include Salesforce local authentication, SAML, OpenID Connect and Delegated authentication. NAM 4.0 and above can be used for Salesforce Delegated authentication.

Sentinel Plug-ins are released

Microsoft IIS Collector 2011.1r4, VMware ESXi Collector 2011.1r4, Fortinet FortiGate Collector 2011.1r3, and Cisco Switch and Router 2011.1r5 plug-ins have been released. Find out more here…

Rockin’ Role-Based Security – Least Privilege

With over 40,000 attendees, 500 exhibitors, and hundreds of sessions, this year’s RSA Security Conference was the place to be for anyone interested in keeping their networks, systems, and information safe from threats, including insider threats; which in turn got me thinking about least privilege. According to a survey done at the conference by Bromium,…

Aegis Workflow 101 – Triggers

Welcome to Part 4 of Aegis Workflow 101. This time we look at Triggers which define the conditions when workitems should start as well as well as other behavior which we will learn about below.

Aegis Workflow 101 – Events

Welcome to Part 3 of Aegis Workflow 101. This time we look at Events which act as signals to Aegis to perform some action, from meeting the criteria to starting a workitem to signalling a workitem should end.

Considerations in Recreating a Certificate Authority

eDirectory comes with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) components built in. The most obvious manifestation of this is the Certificate Authority that is created on the first server in each tree. This is used to make X.509 Certificates that are used by eDirectory for a number of services.

Aegis Workflow 101 – Input Builder

Welcome to Part 2 of Aegis Workflow 101. This time we look at Input Builder which is a basic but very powerful component of Aegis workflow design.

Are Your Ex-Employees Insider Threats?

I was intrigued by Session HUM-R03F at the RSA Security Conference. At first I thought that the HUM session names meant that the conference organizers finally put together a security comedy track that I could kick back and enjoy. After reading the session description (HUM is for Human), I determined that that the topic was…

Aegis Workflow 101 – Hello World!

With the newly available Sentinel Adapter for Aegis, a new audience is exposed to the wonderful world of ITPA. To help them on their way this is a new series of posts on getting started with everyone’s favorite automation platform – Aegis!

Sentinel Plug-ins are released!

Cisco Secure Access Control Server Collector 2011.1r3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Collector 2011.1r3 Sentinel Plug-ins are released. Get the details here.

How to interact with Aegis Webservices from external systems

When the topic of web services comes up with Aegis, it is normally in relation to Aegis connecting to a remote system as part of an automation. The other occasion however is when you need some remote system to talk to Aegis. It may be that you want an external tool for example to create…

Power of RunSQL KS from new AppManager SQL server module – Part 2 (CPU and MEM usage by database)

This is the second post in a series in which I will explain how memory and CPU are utilized at the individual database level using the power of RunSQL KS from the new AppManager for SQL server module…

AD Passwords about to Expire via Aegis – Methods #4 using the SCM Adapter

In this article I will show a fourth method of creating an Aegis workflow to notify Active Directory users that their password will expire in X days, this time using an official adapter. Method #1 was a very simple workflow based off a single script which performed all the automation tasks. Method #2 replaced the…

Walking through the Multi-Domain Active Directory Driver – Part 4

The new Multi Domain Active Directory driver is a clever new approach to drivers in general yet reusing the hard work and maturity developed in the classic Active Directory driver. In part 1 of this series I discussed the driver creation method, since this time it matters how you do it.