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Cool Tool: Launcher for NetIQ Validator

The Launcher for NetIQ Validator is a drop-in replacement for the standard Windows script “runValidator.bat” that replaces the validator server console windows with a tray menu icon and (by default) auto-launches the validator client page.

How to NAT with eDirectory

As we know, the eDirectory replication process does not support NAT.  Fortunately, there is a way to have an eDirectory ring up and running conformed by servers located in different geographical sites within different sub networks.  Here’s how.

5 Star Review from SC Magazine for NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager

Norwegian @EVRY_ASA lands “Best Cloud Security Project” award with NetIQ technologies:

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Sumitomo Bank Maintains Security Across its Rapidly Growing Network with NetIQ

Common Mistakes Newcomers to IDM Make – Part 11

Part 11 of Geoffrey Carman’s series of tips for beginners to Identity Manager. In this article, you’ll learn about Association references.

Cool Tool: eDirectory Password Chainsaw

Is your Service Desk drowning under LDAP authentication tickets? Give them a CHAINSAW!

Owens Community College adds Single Sign-On and Meets FERPA

NetIQ Identity Tracking for Identity Manager – Understand Resource Utilization – Demo

Breach notification delays no excuse for poor security: NetIQ

Cool Tool: Solve the increased CPU and TIME_WAIT connections in LAG

Debianized shares a nifty script that helps you enable flags in Access Manager to optimize TCP connections and boost performance.

Do you truly know what your privileged users are doing? Watch this NetIQ Change Guardian Demo

Cool Tool: eDirectory Radiazer 2 for GUI Management of Radius Users and Profiles

jlodom shares a new version of his popular and useful end-user management tool.  (Free, of course.)

Sheetz Keeps Data at Over 434 Locations Secure with NetIQ

Robert Kemp, Manager of IT Security, at Sheetz Inc., explains how NetIQ solutions for identity and access management are helping keep data secure as the company extends services and tools into the digital realm.