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Identity: The Heart of the Connected World

Because everything is connected and communicating, what are the risks that information will fall into the wrong hands? NetIQ’s Geoff Webb discusses in this Wired InnovationInsights

Customer Success Story: Coopservice Group

Coopservice wanted to integrate its processes with that of clients so it could identify who was accessing information and applications. See how the automated workflows in NetIQ Identity Manager enabled Coopservice to maintain accuracy and speed in user management with little administrative effort

Moving Beyond SIEM For Strong Security Analytics

As more security and monitoring tools are brought online, the amount of raw noise that must be handled by SIEM tools has grown, too. Find out why the key to SIEM is proper implementation in this article with NetIQ’s Geoff Webb

2014: The Year that Security becomes Strategic to the Business

Create a robust security program and align business objectives with Renee Bradshaw’s 2014 insights in SCMagazine

Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – Aegis Namespace Query

The Aegis Namespace Query Activity runs the same type of query as in the Namespace Browser, only as part of an Aegis Workflow. If you haven’t used or don’t know how to use Namespace Queries, this Activity isn’t for you!

How Banks Can Fight Back and Keep the Hackers at Bay

Shifting the focus from physically taking funds from a bank, the prize for criminals these days is obtaining a bank’s saleable data by hacking into its network. NetIQ’s Geoff Webb shares how banks can minimize risk despite the growing number of cyber attacks

AES encrypt and decrypt in NetIQ Identity Manager policies

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and is used as an encryption method in high security environments such as governmental data archives. Here is how to implement AES encrypt and decrypt to NetIQ Identity Manager policies using standard ecmascript tools.

Looking at the new Integration Activity approach – Part 2

Overall the change between the two approaches to the Integration Activities WSDL parsing is quite interesting and worthy of looking at. Sometimes your WSDL works better one way than the other, so keep in mind that you do have options out there for you.

NetIQ 2014 Predictions – Make Your Cloud Conversations More Meaningful in 2014

Cloud and virtualization executives discussed their predictions for 2014, and NetIQ’s Somesh Singh shared why CIOs must communicate the business value of the cloud to business users to gain a seat at the strategic table

General Confidence in Security of SaaS Belies Concerns of Moving to the Cloud

43% of IT executives revealed that mobile devices are driving a significant increase in SaaS use. Learn why organizations must address the access monitoring and management demands of mobility and cloud together as a single security challenge

Usable Identification: The Key to a World without Passwords

The inevitable rise of wearable computing in addition to the ubiquity of smart phones will result in an abundance of options to serve as authentication alternatives to stand alone passwords. NetIQ’s Ian Yip explores the current landscape and shares his security forecast

Securely Manage Active Directory

Reduce your administrative overhead, while simultaneously helping increase availability and security of your systems with this free white paper, The Challenges of administering Active Directory

Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – Microsoft Excel Query

Originally I didn’t think this activity would be used much – but as it turns out Excel is still widely used for storing portable table data which you might expect to find in an SQL Database so this is still a really popular activity in Aegis workflows. This version has a number of updates to keep up with the fast paced world of Office!

NetIQ Access Manager – Oracle EBS SSO Integration

This document describes how to integrate Oracle EBS (OEBS) with NetIQ Access Manager to provide Single Sign On capability.

Gartner Data Center Conference

Register for the Gartner Data Center Conference, and learn effective new ways to capitalize the forces of IT change, proactively leading the way to fundamental I&O transformation