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Designer Title Customizer

A Designer plugin that displays the version (as displayed in Help – About) and connect mode (NCP or LDAP) in the window title, defaulting to something like “Designer 4.6.1 (LDAP)”.

Identifying Trends in Recent Data Breaches

We’re seeing an alarming trend in security data breaches – every year, more breaches that are both larger in scope and increasingly devastating. A report by USAtoday ranks the top breaches (that we have seen) by estimated affected users. Take a look: Yahoo – 1 billion – December 2016 Yahoo – 500 million – September…

JPATH for IDM Rest Driver

It is good to know that in the recently concluded essay contest on describing what’s great about Micro Focus products, the winning entry on IAM did deal quite a bit with the IDM Rest Driver. The best part about this driver is that it is Generic…

Why I Love This Product Essay Contest Winners Announced

During the month of July, we hosted an essay contest inviting employees and customers to describe why they loved using Micro Focus products. We received a number of great responses and are excited to announce the winners.

Changing default OSP configurations for IDP

Supporting OSP with third party products can be tricky, and changing its default configurations that don’t work too well with IDPs can be trickier. It may come as a surprise (it was to me) that these configurations can be changed. And changing these is not a very difficult proposition as well. OSP bundles its default…

Tuning garbage collection and IDM JRE

This originally was part of an answer to a forum query with a similar title. And since things move really fast in the IDM world, especially in the forums, it becomes difficult to keep track of the post and refer to it when needed. Therefore why not a cool solution? Here it goes: As far…

Discover Privileged Accounts on Your Network

The first step to privileged account/user management is discovering privileged accounts. This post provides a guide and tools to find these accounts across windows, linux, and unix systems and applications.

Open Call: Shaving your Provisioning Time using NetIQ Products

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) in Canada brings virtual care innovation to the healthcare system so that people can get the care they need when and where they need it most: at home, in their community, or in hospital. OTN needed to be able to quickly, simply, and securely on-board healthcare providers to programs and services…

Workflow Primer – Part 3

In part 2 of this series, we reviewed some of my best practices for the forms engine of the workflow – the part that runs in the browser. The back-end portion of the solution is the Workflow engine, which runs in an ecmascript processor on the server once the workflow forms are submitted. Workflow …

How to Manage Privileged Accounts and Identities

Recent trends in security breaches show that hackers are resorting to the most obvious method of attack in order to access and profit off of your sensitive information – the front door. I’m referring to privileged account credentials, the hacker’s most coveted asset. Remember the Target breach? On December 12, 2013, the retail giant was…

Sentinel Using Externally Signed Certificates

By default Sentinel creates a self-signed certificate which would be valid for 100 years. Due to security reasons we should sign the SSL certificate with Certificate Authority. This document describes the steps involved in creating a custom certificate for Sentinel with the third-party CA.

Take a Strategic Approach to Identity and Access Management

As corporations continue their trend towards hybrid environments, IT organizations are discovering another level of complexity to their any, any, any initiatives. The reality is that for most environments hybrid isn’t as simple as cloud-only architectures. Included in the mix of hybrid complexity are the Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities that must span across…

Simplified steps to migrate the EAS database to a supported PostgreSQL database using the Migration Utility

With IDM 4.6 released, we are completely moving from EAS to Sentinel. This post provides information about migrating the EAS database to a supported PostgreSQL database using the Data Migration Utility v0.1. This post also provides information about cleaning up the migrated database using the Data Cleanup Utility v0.1.

Complete On-premise SharePoint 2016 Setup Guide with simple easy steps – with troubleshooting

This post is a complete solution for setting up SharePoint 2016 on-premise. Most of the documents available online do not provide a complete solution/steps to install SharePoint 2016 with all of the prerequisites to be installed manually. Also, troubleshooting steps are provided for some of the most common mistakes done while installing. This post will…