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NAM’s Custom IDP Discovery Service Implementation

IDP Selection and discovery helps your Service Provider determine which Identity Provider should be used for authentication of the current user. Access Manager supports IDP discovery through “Use Introductions”. When Introductions are configured, it allows users to select an identity provider from a list of introducible identity providers…

A new video, How to Investigate a UDP Flood Attack in Sentinel

This video demonstrates how you can use the NetFlow data in Sentinel to investigate a UDP Flood Attack. This video is aimed at security analysts who want to monitor network activities in real-time and identify any suspicious activities in their organization’s network.

Several Sentinel Plug-ins are released!

Cisco FireSIGHT Management Center Collector 2011.1r2 and Data Collection Utility for Cisco eStreamer 2011.1r2, Sophos Enterprise Console Collector 2011.1r1, Cisco Firewall Collector 2011.1r3, and more…

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The Next Cyber Security Threat: Export Controls

Recently, I was asked to participate in a roundtable discussion on Export Compliance, Intrusion Software, Network Surveillance and Cybersecurity in Practice at ACI’s Global Encryption Controls. On first glance, one may wonder what Export Compliance has to do with cybersecurity. If you do, then you have probably missed the recent debate around cybersecurity tools and…

Query vs Source Attribute Tokens

Identity Manager has a really neat XML based language called DirXML Script. When you look at a policy in iManager or Designer, you see a GUI rendering of the underlying XML. This is a very powerful approach, since changing some things in the GUI can be tedious or tricky. Whereas some things are really easy…

NetIQ Forums Are Changing. Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you a user of the NetIQ forums located at If so, you should be aware of a change that is coming up in the near future that is intended to benefit all Micro Focus / NetIQ customers. If you hate reading articles, are short on time, and want to get to the…

Managing GroupWise 2014 profile pictures via Identity Manager

With the release of GroupWise 2014 R2, there is a new feature added in the REST api to manage profile pictures in GroupWise. Aside from the fact that these pictures have to be cropped to certain size and resolution, there are several ways to update GroupWise profile pictures for the users.

Sentinel 7.4.1 has been released!

You can upgrade to Sentinel 7.4.1 from Sentinel 7.2 or later. Sentinel 7.4.1 includes Java 8 update 65, which includes fixes for security vulnerabilities Fixes for Denial of Service (CVE-2014-3576 and CVE-2015-0851) and Java Deserialization (Vulnerability Note VU#576313) security vulnerabilities Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) 6.7 Few Security OS updates for appliance…

AD Passwords about to Expire via Aegis – Method #3 using Depot activities

In this article I will show a third method of creating an Aegis workflow to notify users that their password will expire in X days. Method #1 was a very simple workflow based off a single script which performed all the automation tasks. Method #2 replaced the script with individual workflow steps with a mix of command…

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliances Collector 2011.1r4 is released!

This Sentinel Collector provides data-capture capabilities for Blue Coat Proxy SG Appliances and related products.

Successful Social Engineering Attack Targets Two-Factor Authentication

It seems that not even strong 2-factor authentication methods are safe from human error. If someone possesses your phone number and username, a scenario can be devised to first login to a website and trigger a verification code sent to your phone. The attacker would then continue with a follow-up SMS message asking the user…

Citrix NetScaler Collector 2011.1r3 is released!

This Sentinel Collector provides data-capture capabilities for Citrix NetScaler and related products.

Enhancing the UA Bash extension for Resources

Fernando Freitas wrote an awesome script that makes the User Application web service endpoint for Roles available as shell commands in bash. This is much more useful than you would think at first. After all, we can do them in a GUI, in SOAP UI, or other SOAP tools, what does bash give us? Well…

Quick Session Switch Over to Mobile

NAM 4.2 provides an end-user portal and a mobile client. Users can access this portal and get SSO to applications listed in the portal or access application URLs. When accessing applications, users often want to move seamlessly from their desktop to their mobile device without having to login again on the mobile device.