Vivinet Diagnostics Performance Endpoints

Performance Endpoints are lightweight software agents used by Vivinet Diagnostics. They are installed on client and server computers to collect information about network transactions and send it back for analysis and reporting.

For documentation, updates and other information, see Performance Endpoints Support Resources.

NetIQ: Downloads - Performance Endpoints
Endpoint Version 5.1 For ... Endpoint
Linux for Cobalt RaQ3
Revised: May 2006

754 KB
Linux x86 and x64 (TAR)
Revised: May 2006

1.04 MB
Linux x86 for RPM (Red Hat)
Revised: May 2006

752 KB
Microsoft Windows
Revised: January 2012

6.5 MB
Microsoft Windows—web-based
(runs as a 32-bit process)

Revised: January 2012

0.3 MB
Sun Solaris for SPARC
Revised: May 2006

1.21 MB
Sun Solaris for x86
Revised: May 2006

1.14 MB

Readme - NetIQ Performance Endpoints 5.1
Last Published: December 2012 | File Size: 27.5 KB
Provides usage notes, a brief summary of new features, and identifies known issues with NetIQ Performance Endpoints 5.1.
User Guide - NetIQ Performance Endpoints 5.1
Last Published: December 2012 | File Size: 330 KB
Provides conceptual information about Performance Endpoints and defines terminology and various related concepts. It also describes installation and configuration information for all supported endpoint platforms.
Error Messages Definition Guide
Last Published: July 2011 | File Size: 590 KB
Contains a comprehensive list of all error messages generated by the Performance Endpoint.